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Picture of Aquaculture – An Introductory Text

Aquaculture – An Introductory Text

Providing a broad and readable overview of the subject, this updated second edition of Aquaculture: An Introductory Text covers issues associated with sustainable aquaculture development, culture systems, hatchery methods, nutrition and feeding of aquaculture species, reproductive strategies, harvesting, and many other topics. By Robert R. Stickney July 2009
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While its main focus is on the culture of fish, molluscs, and crustaceans for food, the book also covers other forms of aquaculture, such as the production of seaweeds, recreational fish and ornamental species, and live foods such as algae and rotifers that are used to feed larval shrimp and marine fish. Printed in a new, larger format and illustrated with many photos and diagrams, this will be an essential resource for undergraduate students of aquaculture and related topics. The scope is global and much of the information is based on first-hand experiences of the author.

Table of Contents

1. What It’s All About

2. Getting Started

3. Water Quality

4. Aquatic animals’ health

5. Hatchery techniques and management

6. Nutrition

7. Feeds and Feeding

8. Harvesting and Marketing

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