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Picture of Southern Regional Aquaculture Center  Electronic Publications Collection

Southern Regional Aquaculture Center Electronic Publications Collection

TX Cooperation Extension collection of 156 Fact Sheets on one CD-Rom.

Fact Sheets are reviewed annually and are considered to represent the essential state of knowledge. (2002)
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Index of subjects: pond construction, baitfish, sunfish, shad and other forage species, cage culture, catfish, largemouth bass, trout, alligators, crawfish production, penaeid shrimp production, tilapia production, striped bass production, red drum production small scale marketing, aquatic vegetation control, aeration, software, harvesting, holding and hauling, predators, treatments, induced spawning, beginning aquaculture, recirculating systems, water quality, diseases, fee fishing, freshwater prawns, quality control, preparation and serving, final project reports, larval culture, species profiles, general aquaculture subjects, and many more.

Fact Sheets are in Adobe Acrobat pdf files.

All SRAC publications are supported in part by grants from the USDA Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service.