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Picture of U.S. Aquaculture Outreach Publications CD #1

U.S. Aquaculture Outreach Publications CD #1

This collection contains aquaculture publications developed for the CSREES-USDA Regional Aquaculture Centers and NOAA Sea Grant College Program, and was produced as a benefit for the members of the USAS, a chapter of the World Aquaculture Society.
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This project was first envisioned as a publication by the joint USDA-NOAA National Aquaculture Extension Steering Committee, then presented to USAS for sponsorship and production. The USAS thanks all of the authors and cooperators without whose work the project would have been impossible to develop. We especially thank the co-leaders of this project, Drs. Michael Masser and LaDon Swann, for their efforts in production of the CD, Drs. Gary Jensen, Ted Batterson and Jim McVey for serving as liaisons with the Regional Aquaculture Centers and Sea Grant College Library, and Drs. Wade Watanabe (chair) and Jimmy Avery for helping administer the project for the USAS Publications Committee. The publications included in this CD are intended to be useful and beneficial to fish farmers, educators, researchers and anyone with an interest in aquaculture in the United States.