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Lorenzo Juarez


Lorenzo Juarez

CEO, Baja Aquaculture, Inc.
Web: www.bajaaquaculture.com
Email: lorenzojuarez@yahoo.com

Lorenzo Juárez is COO of Yorktown Technologies, company that incorporates biotechnology with fish in the USA. Previously was director of low Aquaculture, Inc., company of management related with cultivation of fish marine in low California, Mexico, and with the manufacturing of cages and equipment for the cultivation of fish marine sea in. Lorenzo has been involved in commercial aquaculture since 1987 as Manager and director of laboratories of postlarvae of shrimp and genetic improvement in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Honduras and United States programs. His experience covers the technical and administrative aspects of aquaculture. From 2006 to 2010 was President of Shrimp Improvement Systems company, leading global in shrimp breeding, located in Florida and focused primarily on sales of players improved in Asia. For 15 years (1998-2003) work with the marine farms group San Bernardo, Manager of laboratories postalarvas of shrimp in Florida (USA) and Honduras. In 2003 step to be Manager general of SyAqua Mexico, helping to cement the activities of the Group Sygen in Mexico, Brazil and Thailand.

Lorenzo Juárez is a biochemical engineer by the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico) and master in aquaculture by Auburn University (Alabama, USA). Work as Deputy Director of research of the National Institute of fisheries in Yucatan (1984-1987) and has been Professor adjunct of aquaculture at the Florida Keys Community College and taught courses of aquaculture as a guest lecturer at the Universidad Marista from Mérida, Yucatán. Most recently Lorenzo served as Deputy Director of the office in Washington, DC NOAA aquaculture. Is author of three chapters in books specialized about the cultivation of shrimp; more than 15 scientific articles in scientific journals with arbitration and numerous articles and presentations in magazines of disclosure and national and international symposia. In 2006-2007, he served as President of the National Association of producers of shrimp larvae in Mexico. Is member of the society world of aquaculture (WAS) since 1982 and member of its table directive from the 2003 to the 2010. Was the first Hispanic-American that occupy the Presidency of it WAS (2009) and was named "fellow" of it WAS in 2010.