Get Involved!!

In an effort to promote student membership, the World Aquaculture Society offers students the benefits of full membership at a substantially reduced cost.  An annual fee of US $45 entitles you to quarterly issues of the Journal of The World Aquaculture Society (electronic version), one of the oldest and most respected sources for technical reports in the field of aquaculture.  In addition, you'll receive World Aquaculture Magazine, a quarterly profile of the most innovative aspects of our global aquaculture industry.

Student members can also attend and participate in several national and international conferences sponsored by WAS.  These conferences provide a variety of student activities including: student paper and poster competitions, competitive travel grants, student mentorship and employment programs that help defer the costs of conference travel.  Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of participation is the personal and professional contacts made possible through WAS membership.

Becoming a student member of WAS is a great place to start getting involved in global aquaculture.  But donít stop there, aquaculture in your region is very important.  Besides the benefits offered to you as a WAS student member, becoming a student member of the chapter in your region or in the region closest to you will also make you eligible for Chapter student benefits, which are in addition to the benefits afforded you by your WAS membership.  The Student Activities Committees of the US Aquaculture Society, SE Asian Chapter and Latin American Chapter have been working hard to provide services for students and need not only your membership, but also your participation.  So check out their web sites and get involved in global and regional aquaculture!!

Online WAS Membership Application