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Senior Aqua Nutritionist

Location: China
Company: CP Group
Company URL:
Salary: negotiable
Closing Date: Sunday, December 31, 2017
Date Posted: Tuesday, June 13, 2017


MANAGERIAL RESPONSIBILITIES AND PERSONAL QUALIFICATIONS: •Demonstrated capacity for strategic and creative thinking •Supervise, direct and evaluate an effective professional team •Team building •Demonstrate excellent communication/interpersonal skills and an ability to work with other constituencies in a cross functional role. •Demonstrate effective analytical, problem solving and conflict resolution skills. •Demonstrate a willingness to collaborate and communicate with, build trust among, and influence team members/colleagues at all levels to solve problems and accelerate innovative initiatives. •Inspire confidence in team members and colleagues at all levels. •Demonstrate effective two way communication/presentation skills: visual, written, verbal, inquiry, and deep listening skills. •Demonstrate modesty, integrity, respect, tact, patience and courtesy in dealing with others. SPECIFIC EXPERTISE REQUIRED: •A deep understanding of all aspects of shrimp and fresh water aqua species nutrition. •Deep and thorough knowledge of feed ingredients, nutritional quality and related laboratory analysis methodology. •Thorough knowledge and understanding of latest feed milling / processing technology and feeding systems. •Thorough knowledge of aquatic species health challenges and controls. •Thorough knowledge of aquatic species genetic selection programs. •n depth working understanding of shrimp and fresh water aqua species commercial production. •In depth working knowledge of water quality and treatment. •In depth knowledge of research methodologies and experimental design. •Statistical analysis. •Data collection, record-keeping and report preparation techniques. •Basic computer skills and a high level of proficiency in use of presentation, documentation, statistical analysis and spreadsheet software. •Budget preparation and control. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: •Ph.D. from an accredited college or university in salt water and/or fresh water aqua species nutrition, or related field, such as reproductive physiology, genetics / breeding, biotechnology is required •Fluency in English (speaking, writing, and reading) is required. Fluency in Chinese language is an advantage. •Five years’ experience running nutritional programs and research in commercial aquaculture is required •Hands on practical experience in commercial aquaculture production management is desirable •Experience in a leadership role is expected •Cross functional project experience is expected


Under the administrative direction of the Vice Chairman – Feed Technology and Chief Technical Officer, CP Group - China, the Senior Aqua Nutritionist’s core responsibility is to oversee a team of aqua nutritionists engaged in nutritional formulation, developing nutritional programs and conducting nutrition research with shrimp and fresh water aqua species. To insure the success of an effective and efficient nutrition program, the Senior Aqua Nutritionist and the aqua nutrition team must work closely with constituent groups (genetic seed/breeder supplier, environmental controls, feed milling, ingredient purchasing, animal health, food safety/processing, live production, feed sales and others) to identify, prioritize, and implement processes to ensure maximum expression of the nutrition program and overall profitability. The Senior Aqua Nutritionist will oversee a team of nutritionists coordinating nutritional programs and nutrition research for shrimp and fresh water aqua species for CP Group – China. The successful applicant will be engaged in developing and implementing technical support programs for shrimp and fresh water aqua species feed sales, including technical training, technical service/support. The aqua nutrition team, under supervision of the Senior Aqua Nutritionist, is responsible for continuous assessing and improvement of feed efficacy and commercial efficiency of all CP Group – China aqua nutritional products. The successful applicant will be required to know and accommodate the operational characteristics, services, and activities of CP Group functions, programs, and operations within the assigned area of responsibility. The Senior Aqua Nutritionist position serves as a resource and support across all CP Group - China operational areas providing technical support and training for the area aquaculture technical teams. The Senior Aqua Nutritionist is required to work successfully with various area teams and internal functional lines/departments as well as outside vendors to ensure the success of CP Group – China shrimp and fresh water aqua species feed products and nutrition programs. The successful applicant will have to know and understand CP Group - China organizational structure, operations, programs, policies, procedures, philosophy, mission, goals and objectives. The successful candidate must display leadership and strong team spirit and demonstrate capability to successfully manage subordinate staff, prioritize multiple projects and initiatives, and maintain a high level of respect and integrity. ESSENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES: •Lead the CP Group - China shrimp and fresh water aqua species nutrition team to develop an effective and commercially efficient nutrition program for all markets served. •Consult with area line management leadership and relevant departments to monitor feed product and nutritional program requirements. •Evaluate the impact of nutritional programs on productivity and economics. •Maintain effectiveness/efficiency of shrimp and fresh water aqua species feed products and nutrition programs. •Continuously improve feed product and nutritional programs in response to research findings and market feedback. •Collaborate with constituent groups in setting priorities and monitoring progress. •Design practical strategies to address key market needs in a timely manner. •Initiate and carryout research to promote shrimp and fresh water aqua species production efficiency, animal health, and food safety. •Prepare and deliver technical training programs and supporting materials for internal staff and external customers. •Maintain CP Group’s position of respect and authority in the field of aqua nutrition through research and participation in regional, provincial, national and international scientific/research conferences and professional development activities. •Constantly update and maintain professional technical knowledge and proficiency. •Promote the professional development of area technical service staff.
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