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Mohammadreza Nazeri

Email Address:
Address: 2401 West Spring Creek Pkwy # 1210
City: Plano
State/Providence: TX
Zip Code: 75023
Country: USA
Phone Number: 9723693604
Date Posted: 10/24/2016


I am interested work on fisheries science and I have lots of experience in fish hatchery, aquaculture, breeding and culturing of fish and anything like this.


B.S. in fisheries science. ( Faculty of Fisheries and Environment, University of Gorgan, Iran).


2007- 2015 Assistant master in fisheries, Administration of Fisheries, Gorgan, Iran. 2003- 2015 Expert about breeding and culturing of Sturgeon fish, common Carp, Silver Carp,… Shahid Marjani Fish Hatchery Center. 2001- 2003 Sea office expert in department of Environment wild life, Tehran, Iran.


1994 :S. Noudehsharifi, S. Mobaser, M.R. Nazeri, A. Rezaiishirazi ; Analysis of Mugilideh Fishing in Caspian Sea seashore of Gorgan; First congress agriculture and natural resource; Iran 2013: S.Nazeri, B.Mojazi Amiri, M.R. Nazeri, A.R.mirvaghefi,; Sexing of formed immature Bluga ( Huso huso ) using steroid hormone levels as indicator; Springer jornal, Verlog London. 2009: B.Mojazi Amiri, Snazzier, M.R.Nazeri, A.R.Mirvaghefi; Sex determination of farmed Bluga ( Huso huso ) at early ages by steroid hormons; 6th international symposium on sturgeon; Hubai province, China. 2007: S.Nazeri serum of cultured Bluga, B.Mojazi Amiri, M.R.Nazeri A.R.Mivaghefi, Ionic and biochemical factors in the serum of cultured Bluga (Huso huso) in the early stages; 8th Asian Fisheries forum,; Kochi, India. 2003: H. Jafarian, M.R. Nazeri, A. Aminzadeh, A. Borami,; Probiotic bacillus effects on Acipenser persicus Performance growth factors; First symposium fisheries science Azad Islamic University, Gaemshahr, Iran. 2003: M.M.Shamoushaki, Sh. Nezami, A. Esmailisari, H. Khara, Z. Parand, M.R. Nazeri, A. Golalipour, ; LC 50 96h,Heavy metals (Zn, Galena, Cadmium) effects on Acipenser nudiventris,; First symposium fisheries and Sustainable development,; Islamic Azad University,; Gaemshar,; Iran.

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