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Sergey Kysil

Email Address:
Address: Ap 53., Acad. Glushko 1B
City: Odessa
State/Providence: Odessa
Zip Code: 67113
Country: Ukraine
Phone Number: +380509639534
Date Posted: 11/26/2016


Full time job in Shrimp farm interested in the question of growing giant freshwater prawn and marine Shrimp in RAS (recirculation systems) with the use of renewable energy from the sun


• Engineer - oceanographer Hydro meteorological Institute Odessa, 1972 • Part-time graduate school at the State Oceanographic Institute (Moscow) graduated from the provision of work. 1988-1992 • trained on marine shrimp in Ecuador, 2015


13 years engaged in the research process of growing giant freshwater prawns and crayfish in the RAS (recycling aquaculture system). Patent (Ukraine) № xxxxx 04.2015 Trademark (Ukraine)№205665 10.09.2015 • Nikolaev Sturgeon Plant – Consultant • my mini lab • Construction RAS for prawns and crayfish - for yourself


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