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David Shupert

Email Address:
Address: 6744 se lynch rd
City: Shelton
State/Providence: WA.
Zip Code: 98584
Country: USA
Phone Number: 5039498784
Date Posted: 2/11/2017


My objective is to broaden my horizons. I am looking for new places and new challenges. I would love to work for/with a great company who could use my talents.


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David Keith Shupert Address 6744 South East Lynch Road Shelton, WA 98584 503-949-8784 E Mail Skill Set for Shellfish Operations Manager and Hatchery Consultant: • Hatchery design review, recommendations and system protocol. • Create and participate in activities to improve shellfish growth rates and prevent disease in hatcheries. • Collect, record growth, production, environmental data and water quality. • Research and development of triploid oysters. • Maintain and keep a sterile algae flask line consisting of multiple species of algae. • Operate and train others methods of algae production, including BATCH and HIGH DENSITY algae systems. • Operate and/or supervise all larvae production, including spawning and rearing in both BATCH and HIGH DENSITY larvae grow out methods. • Direct and monitor worker activities such as treatment and rearing of shellfish larvae and seed. • Coordinate the selection and maintenance of brood stock. • Conduct and supervise brood stock examinations in order to identify diseases or parasites. • Monitor environments to ensure maintenance of optimum conditions for aquatic life. • Plan work schedules according to personnel, equipment availability, tidal levels, feeding schedules. • Direct workers to correct problems such as disease, quality of seed distribution or adequacy of cultivation. • Grow numerous types of shellfish as cash crops or for release into saltwater. • Supervise and train aquaculture hatchery support workers in all phases of a hatchery and nursery environment. • Operate and/or supervise all seed production, including all CULTCH and MICRO CULTCH systems. • Record the numbers and types of shellfish reared and planted, harvested, sold and shipped. Maintain detailed records of all operations and experiments concerning hatchery and nursery. Work History 05/2015 to 05/2016: AquaGreen One-year contract as General manager for AquaGreen inland Hatchery. Responsible for all activities regarding Hatchery operations, including algae production, all larval rearing and setting of Virginica oysters. Helped successfully pioneer the spawning, rearing and setting of Virginica oyster larvae in a recirculating, artificial salt water environment. This includes all algae production and all oyster brood stock conditioning. Helped design two Hatcheries at this location. Trained employees in Hatchery operations. 03/2013 to 03/2015 Ocean Protein Powell River, BC Canada Operations Manager: Hatchery design review, recommendations and system protocol. Designed hatchery, managed all shellfish grow out and algae production. Trained personnel how to set and grow single oysters on micro-cultch using upwell/downwell systems, as well as regular cultch oyster setting. Set up and maintained a sterile algae library. Set up, maintained a working high density algae system and trained hatchery personnel in its use. 08/2012 to 02/2013 Coast Seafood Quilcene, WA Setting Manager: Managed and responsible for all setting operations 04/2012 to 07/2012 Oceans Alaska, Ketchikan, AL Consultant: Review, recommendation and implementation of system protocol of existing hatchery design. Trained personnel how to set and grow single oysters on micro-cultch using upwell/downwell systems. Set up and maintained a sterile algae library. Set up, trained personnel on how to grow and maintain a working algae system. 08/2010 to 08/2011 Clam Fresh, Shelton, WA Operations Manager : Hatchery design review, recommendations and system protocol. Redesign main water and brood stock systems. Install and/or redesign existing larvae and setting systems. Train and supervise hatchery personnel to operate hatchery and nursery systems. Monitor and train hatchery personnel in the use of a high density algae system. Supervising all seed coming out of the nursery and FLUPSY for planting and sale. 02/2008 to 10/2010 Self Employed Financial Consultant, Beaverton, OR Licensed and certified Life Insurance Salesman. Certified Mortgage Certificate. Valid Securities License. 03/1998 to 04/2008 Whiskey Creek Shellfish Hatchery, Tillamook, OR Hatchery Technician: Shared responsibility for the production of shellfish larvae, including clams, oysters, mussels and geoduck. This includes spawning, rearing and setting. Shared responsabilty in all maintenance of Hatchery, including clean protocols and plumbing. Worked with and helped keep a working, sterile algae culture library. Review, recommendation and implementation of system protocol of the existing HIGH DENSITY algae bag system. Shared responsibility for all algae production including HIGH DENSITY and BATCH algae cultures. Two years assisting in the research and development of Triploid oysters. 01/1986 to 02/1998 Dahman Oyster Company, Shelton, WA Operations and Hatchery Manager: Responsible for maintaining all sea water systems. Maintain a working and healthy brood stock system. Worked and maintained a sterile algae culture library. Installation and maintenance of the first high density algae system in North America. Responsible for all algae production. Responsible for all spawning and rearing of larvae, as well as setting larvae using micro cultch in an upwell/downwell system. Maintained Hatchery and Nursery, including clean protocols and plumbing. Helped install a working FLUPSY and maintain complete responsibility for all product in and out of FLUPSY. Supervised all beach operations, including seed planting, harvesting and beach maintenance. Responsible for all marine water craft, including all boats and skiffs, scows and dump floats.


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