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Ana Silvia Pedrazzani

Email Address:
Address: Petit Carneiro, 979
City: Curitiba
State/Providence: Parana
Zip Code: 88058580
Country: Brazil
Phone Number: 5548996013347
Date Posted: 6/4/2017


Act as aquaculture technician and or researcher.


Postdoctoral Research in Aquaculture. 2016 Federal University of Santa Catarina, CAPES Fellowship. Doctorate in Veterinary Science. 2014 Federal University of Paraná, Brazil. CAPES Fellowship. Sandwich Doctorate. 2012 Florida Institute of Technology, United States. CAPES Fellowship. Master in Veterinary Science. 2007 Federal University of Paraná, Brazil. Undergraduate degree in Veterinary Medicine. 2005 Catholic University of Paraná, Brazil.


Site Manager at Laboratory of Aquatic Organisms Research. Mar. 2012 to Aug. 2014 Volunteer, Federal University of Paraná. Technical responsible, owner and manager. Apr. 2008 to Nov. 2011 Kribensis Aquarium Store. Scientific research assistant. Oct. 2006 to Sep. 2007 Catholic University of Paraná. Intern supervised of Aquaculture department. Jul. to Nov. 2005 Company of Agricultural Research and Rural Extension of Santa Catarina. Trainee Volunteer at Department of Tropical Aquaculture. Feb. to Jun. 2004 Catholic University of Paraná. Trainee volunteer at Laboratory of Marine Shrimp. Dec. 2003 Federal University of Santa Catarina. Trainee Fellow at Group for Aquaculture and Environmental Studies. Mar. to Nov. 2003 GIA, Federal University of Paraná. Trainee volunteer at Gralha Azul Farm Hospital for Large Animals. Mar. to Oct. 2002 Catholic University of Paraná. Trainee volunteer Jan. to Mar. 2001 Royal Oak Vet Clinic, Auckland.


OSTRENSKY, A.; DAL PONT, G.; CASTILHO-WESTPHAL, G.G.; PEDRAZZANI, A.S. Use of clove, mint and camphor essential oils on confinement of clown anemonefish Amphiprion ocellaris (Cuvier 1830): Anesthetic effects and influence on water quality. Journal of Aquaculture Research and Development, 7:457. doi: 10.4172/2155-9546.1000457, 2016. OSTRENSKY, A.; PEDRAZZANI, A.S.; VICENTE, A.L. Use of MS-222 (tricaine methanesulfonate) and propofol (2,6-diisopropylphenol) as anaesthetics for the tetra Astyanax altiparanae (Teleostei, Characidae). Aquaculture Research (Online), v. 1, doi: 10.1111/are.12797, 2015. PEDRAZZANI, A.S.; OSTRENSKY, A.N. The anaesthetic effect of camphor (Cinnamomum camphora), clove (Syzygium aromaticum) and mint (Mentha arvensis) essential oils on clown anemonefish, Amphiprion ocellaris (Cuvier 1830). Aquaculture Research, 47: 769–776. doi:10.1111/are.12535, 2014. PEDRAZZANI, A.S.; PHAM, N.K.; LIN, J.; OSTRENSKY, A.N. Reproductive behavior, embryonic and early larval development of the red head goby, Elacatinus puncticulatus. Animal Reproduction Science (Print), v. 145, p. 69-74, 2014. PEDRAZZANI, A. S.; CARNEIRO, P. C. F.; KIRSHNICK, P. G.; MOLENTO, C. F. M. Spinal cord section for Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) suffering reduce during slaughter. Revista Brasileira de Saúde e Produção Animal (UFBA), v.10, p.188 - 197, 2009. PEDRAZZANI, A. S.; OSTRENSKY, A. N.; CARNEIRO, P. C. F.; GABERZ, P. G.; MOLENTO, C. F. M. Public opinion and education on humane slaughter of fish in Araucaria, Paraná. Ciência Animal Brasileira (UFG), v.9, p.976 - 983, 2008. PEDRAZZANI, A. S.; FERNANDES-DE-CASTILHO, M.; CARNEIRO, P. C. F.; MOLENTO, C. F. M. Fish welfare and sentience issues. Archives of Veterinary Science, v.11, p.60 - 70, 2007. PEDRAZZANI, A.S.; MOLENTO, C.F.M.; CARNEIRO, P.C.F.; FERNANDES-DE-CASTILHO, M. Sentience and fish welfare: a vision for the future of the consumer market. Panorama da Aquicultura, v.17, p.24 - 29, 2007.

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