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Wesley Chase

Email Address:
Address: 112 Forest St
City: Guelph
State/Providence: Ontario
Zip Code: N1M 1H9
Country: Canada
Phone Number: +1 519 994 9066
Date Posted: 7/25/2017


My objective is to pursue a career that helps to build, improve and support the aquaculture industry here in Canada and throughout the world. I have studied aquaculture extensively in university, and have honed my skills in production, research and policy/consultation work. While my training has all happened in Canada, I am eager to learn from producers all over the world to continue developing a holistic view of the world aquaculture industry, and to play my role in this exciting and readily changing field.


B. Sc. (Hons) Marine and Freshwater Biology, Department of Integrative Biology, University of Guelph Sept 2011 – Present I graduated in December 2016 with my honors degree in Marine and Freshwater Biology with distinction. This degree included class and lab work, as well as several research based courses. While the MFWB program at Guelph focused heavily on physiology, I took it upon myself to branch out into several other colleges. These includes Pathobiology where I studied diseases of aquatic animals, Microbiology, where I studied biofilms and aquatic disease ecology and Animal Biosciences, where I focused on issues appertaining to the aquaculture industry.


Aquaculture Development Unit, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs May 2017 to Present In this position, I am working directly under Steve Naylor to assist in the continued development of the Ontario aquaculture industry. To achieve this I regularly work with producers to determine what their needs are, and then liaise with researchers and government to help achieve these goals. This position has given me the opportunity to further develop my data management and research skills, and apply those to complex problems with multiple stakeholders. It has also allowed me to greatly increase my interpersonal skills and has given me the opportunity to work and network with people from all sides of the Ontario aquaculture industry, from legislators and researchers, to producers and processors. Hagen Aqualab, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada Sept 2015 – December 2016 I am currently working here as an assistant technician. My responsibilities include setting up rooms for experiments, including tanks/housing for experimental animals, as well as installing and programming required sensory equipment. I am also responsible for system upkeep such as the maintenance and repair of pumps, filters and foam fractionators. My maintenance duties also included caring for the marine collection of euryhaline vertebrates and invertebrates and monitoring/balancing water chemistry for both salt and freshwater systems. During my time at the Hagen Aqualab I have become familiar with many of technologies and methodologies used in aquatic sciences research. Alma Aquaculture Research Station May 2013 – Sept 2015 At the Alma station, I was an assistant technician. My duties included feeding and caring for the animals, rainbow trout and Arctic charr, as well as equipment maintenance. I was also involved in taking data for various trials, including feed trials for fish meal replacement, and pigmentation. At the Alma Research Station, I learned a great deal about early rearing strategies and concerns for both rainbow trout and Arctic charr, and was involved in the breeding programs of both these species


Aquaculture Skills • Skilled in anesthetizing/euthanizing using MS-222 • Proficient at hand-feeding • Able to diagnose fish using basic morphology and behavioral symptoms • Experienced with bath, dip and per-os treatments in both flow-through and RAS conditions • Proficient in animal handling and equipment maintenance • Experienced in developing and amending an Animal Utilization Protocol (AUP) • Experienced in salmonid spawning and early rearing practices • Experienced in tagging fish Lab/Field Skills • Strong knowledge of teleost anatomy and physiology • Proficient in experimental design • Proficient with a variety of biochemical assays • Proficient with spectrophotometry • Proficient in grid analysis for field sites • Strong statistical skills including R, SAS and Excel software • Strong presentation skills • Strong fish dissection kills • Proficient in aseptic bacterial culture and staining • ROM Fish ID course Certifications • WHMIS • Valid G License, Boating License • ROM Fish ID • University of Guelph Animal Care Core Modules • Fall-safe working at heights training

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