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Address: rue remada immeuble ennour n27
City: SFAX centre ville
State/Providence: SFAX
Zip Code: 3000
Country: Tunisie
Phone Number: 0021623247244
Date Posted: 9/3/2017


Passionate about aquaculture and graduated from the High Institute of Fishing and Aquaculture of Bizerte-Tunisia, I am looking forward a fixed-term or permanent job.


• License in Aquaculture Technologies, obtained with Honors, from I.S.P.A.Bizerte (2014-2017). Graduation project: Contribution to the monitoring of the breeding of the wolf Dicentrarchus labrax and the sea bream Sparus aurata in the marine farm "Cachalot" France. Lectures: Marine fish farming, Shrimp farming, Shellfish farming, Algoculture, Inland fish farming and dams exploitation, Aquaculture materials and equipment, Aquatic aquaculture development, Aquaculture engineering, Scuba diving ... • Baccalaureate (2014).


• Internship at the "CACHALOT, La Seyne Sur Mer, Toulon" (February-April 2017). Breeding of wolves and sea bream, mastery of all manipulations of the breeding cycle: reception of fry, feeding, transfer of fish, rotation of nets, repair of nets, fishing, packaging, delivery... • Internship at the I.N.S.T.M laboratory of pathological analysis of bivalve mollusks (June 2015). Study of clam pathology using classical histology techniques: fixation, dehydration, inclusion, cutting, trimming, cutting, staining, dewaxing, rehydration, routine topographical staining, Editing... • Training "La semaine du Grand Bleu" organized by “Notre Grand Bleu” association (July 2016). Capacity building for Non-Governmental organizations, project management, marine mammals and stranding, conservation of aquatic species: marine turtle model. • "WEEK OF THE SEA" course in biology and marine environment organized by WWF (Aug. 2016) Marine biodiversity, fishing techniques of the Cap Farina region, Bizerte aquaculture, Oyster farming, Mussel farming, Cartography, Team building, birdlife and ornithology. • Training in fishing net making from the I.S.P.A.Bizerte (2015)


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