Latin American & Caribbean Aquaculture 2020

March 23 - 25, 2021


Meeting Speaker

Dr. David Celdrán Sabater

Dr. David Celdrán Sabater

consultor de Conservation International Foundation - Costa Rica. 

PhD in Marine Ecology from the University of Murcia, Spain 

Master in aquaculture from the University of Murcia. 

Researcher for the Mexican National Council of Science and Technology, SNI 1. 

Currently consultant for Conservation International Foundation - Costa Rica. 

International advisor to productive companies in symbiotic aquaculture technologies. 

Reviewer of the CITT Ingenieros Magazine. 

Academic tutor of doctoral thesis in symbiotic technologies. 

General manager of BIOAQUAFLOC, one aquaculture innovation company and founder of symbiotic aquaculture website 

Research collaborator in laboratories in France, South Korea, Australia and Mexico.