Matthias Mahnke

Production Manager, Project Engineer


From an early age I have been culturing aquatic organisms. Due to my studies of fishery science and aquaculture (1997-2003) at the Humboldt University of Berlin and the Leibniz-Institute of fresh water ecologies and inland fisheries I was able to scale-up my passion.

In the last 16 years I have been acting as RAS-operator, production manager, R&D-manager, instructor, project engineer and consultant. My core competencies are operation and engineering of RAS, production planning, sewage treatment and fresh water fish. I have gained most practical experience with sturgeon and caviar production.


  • RAS
  • Engineering
  • Production Manager
  • R&D Manager
  • Production planning
  • Aquaculture
  • Caviar
  • MS Office
  • AutoCAD

Work Experience

Mai 2003 - Aug 2005

Plant Manager
Caviar Creator
Management: RAS, sewage plant, production, instruction, R&D

March 2006 - Dec 2012

Fisheries Biologist
United Food Technologies AG
Project AquaOrbis (DEU) - Caviar of Siberian sturgeon: Engineering, operation, production management, instruction, R&D, consultancy // Project Emirates Aquatech (ARE) - Caviar of Siberian sturgeon: Engineering, site supervision, instruction, long duration fish transport // Production planning & engineering: Sturgeon (Caviar), salmonids, perch-like fish, standard-RAS

Feb 2013 - March 2015

Aquaculture Project Engineer
EMF Lebensmitteltechnik & Anlagenbau GmbH
Project Aviation (NGA) - African catfish & Nile Tilapia: Engineering, sales, site supervision, instruction // Standard-RAS: Production planning, engineering & marketing

Jan 2018 - Aug 2019

Head of Production
Kasperskian AG
Management: RAS, sewage plant, production, HR, R&D, consultancy // Production: Caviar & ovulated caviar of Siberian sturgeon & Russian sturgeon

Apr 2015 - present

Aquaculture Expert
REX-M, REcirc EXpert Mahnke
Engineering: Planning, consultancy, evaluation, optimization // Production planning: Sturgeon (Caviar), salmonids, perch-like fish, catfish


Apr 1997 - Apr 2003

Humboldt-University of Berlin - MSc Fishery Science and Aquaculture



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