Pedro Cunha



As a freshly graduated Master in Biological Aquatic Resources, I am seeking an opportunity to start working in the aquaculture industry. Having worked as an intern in both a nutrition and immunobiology laboratory (NUTRIMU, one of CIIMAR's research teams) and an experimental aquaculture research facility (DTU Aqua, in Denmark), I feel like I have the ability to learn and acquire a wide range of new skills quickly.
My main goal is not only to get a job but to do something I'm passionate about. And for that, I would be willing to travel and live somewhere new, as I've done a couple of times in the past.


  • Fish handling
  • Laboratory work
  • Data analysis
  • Video and image analysis
  • Public Speaking
  • Basic Piping systems
  • Scientific writing
  • Swim tunnel respirometry
  • Fish Histology
  • Water quality monitoring

Work Experience

Sep 2016 - May 2017

DTU Aqua
Hirtshals, Denmark
Conduct behavioural studies on nordic lobster and pike perch, perform video analysis, histological work (sectioning and staining intestinal tissues of rainbow trout), perform swimming experiments with rainbow trout, routine tasks (feeding, cleaning, water quality control, checking health and welfare)

Oct 2014 - Jun 2015

Porto, Portugal
Assist with laboratory tasks (homogenization, calorimetry, sampling), perform a full histological protocol and evaluation of fish gut and liver sections.


Sep 2015 - Fev 2017

University of Porto Faculty of Science - Master in Biological Aquatic Resources



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