Assistant Professor / Associate Professor / Professor in Aquaculture Technologies

Singapore Full Time

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SIT focuses on working with the industry on translational research and innovation, spanning technology readiness levels (TRLs) 3-7. Unlike traditional research which is discovery-oriented, applied research projects have higher TRLs which bridge the gap between theoretical research and industry applications. SIT Engineering Cluster focusses on the five key pillars of Applied Research (i) Infrastructure (Maintenance) (ii) Sustainability (Built Environment) (iii) Energy Resilience (iv) Maritime Engineering and (v) Advanced Manufacturing, working with various industry sectors in Singapore as well as in the region.


For this faculty position in area of aquaculture technologies, we are looking for candidates with the following essential and desirable skillset and competencies.


  • Academic and/or industrial experience in engineering solutions for the aquaculture industry
  • Expertise in some or any of the areas of systems engineering, robotics, automation, IOT, and data analytics
  • Experience and knowledgeable in the field of aquaculture, with basic knowledge of the related sciences
  • Motivated to develop and to teach aquaculture technologies curriculum
  • Strong demonstration of interest to develop solutions through applied research projects


  • Good knowledge in aquaculture system design, including RAS, monitoring system, and energy management
  • Experience in emerging applications of automation, artificial intelligence and data analytics solutions for aquaculture
  • Hands on experience in commercial aquaculture farm operation is a plus 
  • Preferred to having a PhD in a related technical area
  • Led or involved in strong industry - academia partnership projects

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Post Date: 4/15/2024 3:02:18 PM
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