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Luis Andres Gonzalez


Luis Andres Gonzalez



He´s an Oceanologist from Autonomus University of Baja California with a Master on Science degree in Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology. His main Goal is to promote the use technology and new development to improve the production from Aquaculture.

He was working at the Agribusiness Center of Norwest where he made lot of feasibility studies and got grants for the farmers and promote research applied studies for the industry (from 2001 until 2003). After this project he Works as independent consultant helping farmers in topics like Best Aquaculture and manufacture practices; shrimp, tilapia and seaweed farming, strategic planning etc.

He also work for American companies like Aurora Biofuel LLC.. company that grow microalgae to produce biofuel on the startup and Troutlodge Marine mainly focus in Marine Fish Culture in México.

From 2011 until 2017 he was the Director of Aquaculture of the State of Baja California promoting the grow of the aquaculture with supporting programs to invest in infrastructure, training programs. research and management of problems of Farmers with different governmental institutions.

Now a day he is General Manager of Bioestelar, a subsidiary in Baja California from an American Company that reproduce, grow Giant Keyhole limpet and using a nonlethal method extract blood to purify a protein that is used to develop treatment for cancer, lupus, Alzheimer & Diabetes. His main goal is startup the project for aquaculture in Baja California.

He is also Vicepresident of Mariculture on the National Chamber of Fishery and Aquaculture industry of México, where he is representing and supporting the Aquaculture industry needs to deal with all government agencies.