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Aquaculture Facilities Supervisor

Location: Apopka, Florida
Company: Pentair
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Salary: Not Entered
Closing Date: Friday, February 23, 2018
Date Posted: Tuesday, January 30, 2018


You should: Have earned at least a Bachelor's degree (B.A., B.S.) Have 4+ years Aquaculture experience Be able to manage and prioritize multiple tasks at once; strong project management skills Understand basic math to compute fish feed conversions Understand general mechanics and have the ability to troubleshoot mechanical issues Be a team player that is respectful and professional Think on a strategic level in planning 1-2 years ahead Be a clear, accurate and effective communicator Have the ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from leadership Have strong technical/working knowledge of aquaculture techniques and recirculating aquaculture systems and the following areas: Required unit processes of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) solids removal (i.e. drum filters, bead filters) biological filtration (i.e. mixed bed, fluidized-bed reactor) fine and dissolved solids removal aeration and oxygenation (i.e. PPC’s, LHO’s, cones, diffusers) dissolved gas removal disinfection processes (i.e. UV & ozone) Water quality management systems with automated control (i.e. hand held meters, PLC’s, and SCADA) Pipe sizing, layout, and construction in aquaculture systems We like, but don’t require: Master’s degree in a scientific field Management experience


f you are a problem-solver, influencer, and have a passion for aquaculture and you are looking for your next challenge, check out this opportunity. Pentair is currently seeking an Aquaculture Facilities Supervisor to join our team in Apopka, FL. The Aquaculture Facilities Supervisor will be responsible for supervising all daily production activity, managing SOP’s, quality control, employee performance and/or any other daily actions that can influence the team to perform with dedication and a high standard or principal. We will: Create career growth and rotational opportunities within various areas of aquaculture sales & operations Pay competitively Provide on the job training and mentoring in Pentair’s proven best practices Offer health benefits & coaching Support your long term retirement goals through a competitive 401K matching and stock purchase plan Offer employee discounts Protect you with life insurance and other options Tell you more about all the great benefits – just ask! You will: Carryout management directives in accordance with the PAES Water mission statement Be responsible for oversight and daily management of various fish & plant culture life support systems and related ancillary equipment Manage, maintain, and regularly test computerized monitoring systems essential to the emergency backup systems Conduct tours and education programs Maintain detailed production and water quality records Maintain facilities in such a way that it is always ready for public viewing Identify and address any system or equipment problems and provide possible solutions Perform all essential tasks for maintaining a contestant supply of high quality live fish production and related bio-security practices Supervise Lab Technicians and provide direction for daily activities Perform any other duty or assignment as may be assigned from time to time by the Aquaculture Research Center Manager
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