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Hatchery/Research Manager

Location: Port Orchard, WA, USA
Company: Pacific Hybreed
Company URL:
Salary: commensurate with education and experience
Closing Date: Monday, April 30, 2018
Date Posted: Monday, February 19, 2018


Must be a US citizen. Minimum education: BS degree in biological or marine sciences Minimum experience: Two years of experience in an aquaculture research or production facility and/or University research setting with focus on marine invertebrate culture; combine education/experience as substitute for minimum experience Skills, Laboratory: Larval bivalve rearing through early seed stage of bivalves Shellfish nutrition for all life stages of bivalves General laboratory techniques including microscopy and maintenance of instrumentation Maintenance of lab records Skills, Other: Personal computer; software (Word, Excel, database, statistical) Plumbing, electrical, and general construction related to aquatic culture systems


We are announcing an opportunity to join a new research and development/production company focused on using cutting edge genetic approaches to improve stocks of commercially important shellfish. We seek a Hatchery & Research Manager, who will have primary oversight over the operation of Pacific Hybreed Inc.'s research/production hatchery associated with the NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center in Manchester, WA. The primary focus of this facility will be to cultivate Pacific oysters, Manila clams, Kumamoto oysters, Purple-hinge rock scallops and Geoduck clams for both limited commercial seed production and genetic improvement programs involving selection, crossbreeding and polyploid development. The Hatchery & Research Manager will also play a leading role in efforts to expand production capacity in Puget Sound and Hawaii in the near future. The Hatchery & Research Manager will be responsible for allocating hatchery resources to expedite the Company’s production goals and for maintaining all records relating to hatchery operations, including development and updating of proprietary procedures and inventories. The Hatchery & Research Manager will directly supervise and coordinate the activities of the hatchery technician(s). The Hatchery & Research Manager also will perform specific duties, involving responsibility for carrying out funded research on shellfish, husbandry of shellfish produced in focused breeding programs, the maintenance of the associated facilities, and all permits required for operation. We expect the Manager continually to improve understanding of scientific and technical information relevant to the position through attendance of scientific meetings, participation in publications of relevant research, and active collaboration with peers in the field.
Contact Name: Dennis Hedgecock
Contact Phone: +1 (310) 487-3794
Contact Email:
Other Contact Information: Not Entered

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