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Jonas Miller

Email Address:
Address: 5 Arrow Path
City: Natick
State/Providence: MA
Zip Code: 01760
Country: United States
Phone Number: 339-222-8948
Date Posted: 9/8/2016



University of Rhode Island B.S. in Aquaculture and Fisheries Technology B.A. in Biology 3.34 Cumulative GPA (Cum Laude) Concentration Courses: Aquaculture Systems and Design (Graduate Course) Aquaculture Health Management Aquaculture and the Environment (Graduate Course) Marine Environmental Physiology Finfish Aquaculture Pathobiology (Graduate Course) Fish Nutrition (Graduate Course) Applied Calculus I and II Marine Finfish Aquaculture (Graduate Course) GIS and Remote Sensing (Arc Map Software) Shellfish Aquaculture (Concentration on Bivalve Molluscs) Independent Biological Research (Allometry of Sharks) Crustacean Aquaculture Independent Aquaculture Research on Migratory Fish Salmonid Aquaculture Aquaculture in the Philippines (Graduate Study Abroad Course in January 2015)


Volunteer (May 2012 – September 2013) US Fish and Wildlife Service, North Attleboro National Fish Hatchery, North Attleboro, MA - Assisted in everyday fish culture operations for the Atlantic salmon and American shad restoration projects. - Weighed, sorted, graded and fed Atlantic salmon fry and parr. - Developed of an innovative captive spawning method for American shad broodstock and egg collection system. - Treated, counted and incubated American Shad eggs and larvae. - Maintained live brine shrimp cultures. - Assisted the implementation of new aquaculture engineering systems for shad larvae and hauling fish. Research Assistant (September 2013 – February 2015) Food Science Nutrition Research Center and Blount Aquaculture Lab, University of Rhode Island Sea Grant Project: Conducted proximate analysis (Kjeldahl protein and lipid analyses) of summer flounder diets and muscle tissue. Performed nitrogen and phosphorus analytical water quality tests. Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Project: Supervised on the development of a new class soy protein-based aquaculture feed ingredient by impregnation with squid and scallop byproduct hydrolysate using barramundi and yellowtail as a model for bioconversion. Prepared and formulated diets for barramundi, California yellowtail, Atlantic salmon, black seabass and shrimp for Auburn University and the University of Maine. Performed routine animal husbandry and tank system maintenance on barramundi and yellowtail throughout two 8-week feeding trials. Research Assistant (June 2014 – September 2014) Food Science Nutrition Research Center, University of Rhode Island - Biochemical quality and safety analysis of time/temperature storage conditions of bluefish tissue by testing scobrotoxin (histamine) levels for a 4-week trial Quality Assurance Laboratory Technician (February 2016 – May 2016) Legal Sea Foods, LLC., Boston, MA - Microbiological testing of shellfish and finfish species for a seafood production and processing facility - Daily coliform and vibrio testing in Mercenaria spp., Crassostria spp., Ostrea spp., and other cultured bivalves - Testing scombroid species of fish (Thunnus thynnus) for scombrotoxin (histamine) - Mercury testing in swordfish (Xiphias gladius). - Assisted in development and implementation of new lab standard operating procedures and HACCP plans for BRC certification for production of value added seafood products - Assisted in the renovation plans of the lobster holding facility in the LSF Quality Control Center Zebrafish Technician Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (April 2016 – September 2016) - Temporary contractual position in the zebrafish laboratory of Dr. Alex Schier - Genotyping (fin clipping/ PCR) for post-doctoral researchers using fish for embryogenesis research - Maintained live feed cultures, egg sorting, feeding fish, daily systems maintenance, aquaculture troubleshooting - Maintaining larval culture tanks and inoculating new larval zebrafish tanks for Schier lab and Engert lab researchers - Maintained various genetic lines of fish (ie. Crossing fish and screening fish) - Assisted in a feeding trial using three different commercially available zebrafish diets Aquaculture Specialist (July 2015 – Present) Aquatic Resources Program, Boston Children’s Hospital - Provide high quality zebrafish husbandry to facilitate all of the scientists using fish in their research at BCH - Maintaining live feed cultures, egg sorting, feeding fish, daily systems maintenance, aquaculture troubleshooting - Maintaining larval culture tanks and inoculating new larval zebrafish tanks for BCH researchers - Setting up and breaking down paired crosses of different genetic strains of zebrafish - Assisting in a feeding trial comparing fecundity vs. feed ration and photographing eggs - Assisted in IVF procedure for Zon Lab researchers - Set up a rotifer system for use of an experimental synthetic rotifer enrichment diet - Earned a Certificate of Completion from UAB and Gadsen State Community College in Biomedical Aquaculture Zebrafish Online Husbandry Education Course


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