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John Bonanno

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Address: 12 allie lane
City: westford
State/Providence: MA
Zip Code: 01886
Country: United States
Phone Number: 9784919432
Date Posted: 2/22/2017


Looking for employment/graduate school position.


Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI Graduation: May 2017 Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology Double Minor: Physics & Business Administration Panama, Marine Studies Program, Roger Williams University (RWU): January 2017 • Researched biodiversity harbored in Panamanian waters • Surveyed Pacific and Caribbean coastal waters utilizing snorkeling and underwater videography • Delivering presentation at student showcase on biodiversity portfolio: April 2017 James Cook University, Townsville, Australia July 2015 - November 2015


Aquarist, Audubon Society of Rhode Island, Bristol, RI May 2016 - Present • Design and maintained aquatic exhibits for the public including a 2,000-gallon bay and ocean exhibit as well as freshwater, saltmarsh, and tide pool exhibits • Collect fish and invertebrates from local aquatic ecosystems to house in exhibits using techniques such as fishing, seining, trawling, and electrofishing • Prepare food and conduct feedings of aquatic animals J. ALEXANDER BONANNO | Page 2 Marine Lab Research Assistant, Department of Marine & Natural Science, RWU January 2016 - Present • Perform husbandry of upwards of 30 fish and invertebrates species, including corals • Test water quality using YSI, refractometer, and traditional stripes & drops • Conduct daily system and fish health inspections • Significant experience in larval rearing including clownfish, gobies, grunts, jacks and fire shrimp • Culture live feeds including brine shrimp, four species of phytoplankton, two strains of rotifers, and two species of copepods • Built modular larval rearing system (MoLaRS), recirculating systems, sumps and performed plumbing and maintenance • Implement quarantine and disease treatment such as freshwater dips, copper treatment, and medication to ensure health of current systems • Package live fish and invertebrates for transport Head of Larval Rearing, Department of Marine & Natural Science, RWU June 2016 - Present • Trained personnel from 18 national public aquariums in fish rearing sustainable practice and techniques • Mentor and train freshman lab technicians on husbandry skills and proper larval rearing techniques


RESEARCH EXPERIENCE “Habitat and food preference of adult Nemateleotris decora in regards to courtship and spawning” Co-researcher, Department of Marine & Natural Science, RWU November 2016 - Present • Research methods to breed and raise larval ornamental fish, Nemateleotris decora • Study unknown variables in courtship and spawning including spawn site preference and determination of an ideal broodstock diet “Developments in rearing and breeding of Selene vomer” July 2016 - Present Researcher, Independent Research Project, Department of Marine & Natural Science, RWU Oral & Poster Presentations, Aquaculture America Conference, San Antonio, TX February 2017 Poster Presentation, Regional Aquatics Workshop, Boston, MA May 2017 • Research developments in rearing and breeding of Selene vomer (also known as Lookdowns) • First person to report detailed procedures of proper rearing techniques for this species • Techniques gleaned from the rearing of this cohort are the first that produced high yields of cultured S. vomer yields of 75% and over “Mechanisms of algal and microplastic particle motion in the feeding current of Pseudodiaptomus pelagicus” Undergraduate Research Assistant, Department of Physics, RWU May 2016 – December 2016 • Tracked fluid mechanics of copepod vortex feeding utilizing a Fastec TS4-100 high speed camera • Utilized ImageJ Fiji tracking software with micropiv imaging to performed iterative particle image velocimetry (PIV) analysis • Filmed and conducted research at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution “Loading and transport stress of Lates calcarifer at various densities” July 2015 - November 2015 Undergraduate Research Assistant, Department of Marine Biology, James Cook University • Evaluated if the current precautions for reducing stress in fish (Lates calcarifer) during live transport are enough to keep them healthy and minimize their levels of stress • Analyzed blood parameters and water quality to determine stress levels

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