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John O'Neal

Email Address:
Address: 14539 SE Center Street
City: Portland
State/Providence: OR
Zip Code: 97236
Country: Not Entered
Phone Number: 9196374275
Date Posted: 9/14/2017


To automate precision agriculture with aquaponics, cutting edge technology, and organic, permaculture style design principles.


Appalachian State University, Boone, NC Master of Science : GPA 3.90 Dec 2016 Sustainable Technology in the Built Environment Bachelor of Arts : GPA 3.66 May 2015 Sustainable Community Development Outstanding Senior Academic Achievement Award - Magna Cum Laude Center for Ecological Living and Learning, Nicaragua/Costa Rica Undergraduate (15hrs): GPA 4.0 Spring 2014


ASU Graduate Research Assistant July 2015-Dec 2016 o Nexus Project, Boone, NC – Full-Time, off-grid greenhouse manager working with general maintenance, aquaponics establishment using PV electricity + battery storage and solar thermal hot water production + storage, biochar trials, greenhouse data logging and analysis, research agreements with the NCDA&CS, IACUC, OSR, and BRI, and compliance with local building codes and regulations to improve season extension technologies and design principles; community outreach tours, class workdays, and farmer partnership work o“PAWRduino” – Developed an automation device for an original research and experimental design process using an Arduino-based platform for aquaponic environmental monitoring and relay autodosing controllability. A 90% correlation was made between an Apogee SQ-500 PAR meter ($350) and a 10K NTC Photoresistor ($0.25) when data logging in dynamically changing passive solar conditions supplemented by an (automated) LED grow light for exponential sensor and energy cost savings, and a more consistent grow environment; other sensors data logged include water, soil, and air temperature, relative humidity, water pH and DO; utilized C++ code, wiring, soldering, 3-D modeling, and permaculture design Undergraduate Team Lead Researcher 2014 - 2015 Appalachian State University, Boone, NC o“Pidroponics” – Automated Organic Hydroponic Garden - using Raspberry Pi to grow, automate, and monitor organic vegetables and herbs year-round merging ecological systems with modern life oWrote 3 successful $300 grant proposals for Office of Student Research funding and presented our website, remote control (IoT) capabilities, live herbs, and Q&A at the ASU 18th Annual Celebration of Student Research and Creative Endeavors; with Seth Walters Undergraduate Lead Researcher Fall 2014 Appalachian State University, Boone, NC o“Can small-scale integrated hydroponic gardening compete with the conventional industrial food system in the realms of sustainability, economics, and/or practicality? oExamined the interconnected facets of economy, community, and environment, the “three E’s of Sustainable Development” within the industrial food system, local food systems, and a home garden. Experimental design trial of an indoor hydroponic garden via an original hypothesis, research design, and report


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