Seafood Watch Aquaculture Program Manager

Monterey, CA Full Time

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The Seafood Watch program resides within the division of Conservation and Science at Monterey Bay Aquarium. The position of Seafood Watch Aquaculture Manager is responsible for informing the Aquarium's institutional definition and Guiding Principles for environmentally sustainable aquaculture. The position must maintain scientifically robust criteria and a repeatable, consistent methodology used to assess worldwide aquaculture operations resulting in public facing seafood purchasing recommendations. The Aquaculture Manager is required to articulate and promote the Aquarium's vision and strategy in support of sustainable aquaculture. The Aquaculture Manager is also responsible for providing expert advice to the Aquarium and external stakeholders including the seafood industry, environmental standard-holders and non-governmental organizations. In doing so, the Aquaculture Manager must stay informed as to the latest science, opinions and advancements with respect to aquaculture and related sustainability issues. The Aquaculture Manager supervises a team of analysts and is responsible for ensuring adherence to research protocols. The Aquaculture Manager may be required to manage and/or contribute to special projects related to aquaculture policy and science as they arise. The Aquaculture Manager acts as the Aquarium's spokesperson for aquaculture issues with the media and at special events.

Core Responsibilities

  • Develop, maintain and promote the Aquarium's vision and strategy in support of sustainable aquaculture
  • Manage a team of aquaculture scientists who conduct assessments, review aquaculture reports written by outside contractors and work to strengthen aquaculture certification schemes worldwide
  • Maintain the Seafood Watch Guiding Principles and criteria for sustainable aquaculture that can be applied to assess a diversity of operations worldwide
  • Manage a technical board that provides input into the aquaculture criteria and program development
  • Maintain a repeatable assessment scoring methodology to generate public facing Seafood Watch recommendations for consumers and businesses
  • Provide leadership and expert advice on the topic of sustainable aquaculture to the Aquarium and external stakeholders in the forms of verbal or written comments and detailed analyses
  • Manage the review process of all aquaculture assessments to ensure consistent interpretation of the Seafood Watch criteria and application of the scoring methodology
  • With the Science Manager, supervise a team of analysts responsible for conducting aquaculture assessments in adherence to Seafood Watch research protocols and in keeping with the annual work plan
  • Conduct aquaculture assessments as needed
  • Engage in personal communications with academia, aquaculture experts, environmental standard holders, members of industry and non-governmental organizations to further our understanding of, and/or promote our definition of sustainable aquaculture, including;
  • Travel to meetings, sometime outside of the United States, in order to engage with experts and/or conduct public presentations
  • Participation in expert working groups and technical advisory committees
  • Convening important meetings on the science of sustainability or aquaculture operations and developing ways to improve aquaculture operations worldwide
  • Promote information-sharing with non-governmental organizations and partner institutions engaged in sustainable seafood work including coordination of annual work plans and collaboration on special projects
  • Support the Seafood Watch program's work with major seafood buyers and consumers to deliver timely information and ensure accurate representation of the program's seafood recommendations
  • Act as a spokesperson for Seafood Watch and the Aquarium on aquaculture sustainability by giving presentations, and participating in relevant workshops and other outreach and special events
  • Participate in special projects/events related to aquaculture sustainability as needed


Absolutely Required Skills / Knowledge / Ability / Experience or Education

  • Master's Degree in marine ecology, fisheries or aquaculture, or equivalent degree
  • At least five years' work experience in the field of marine ecology, fisheries or aquaculture research/science
  • Proven leadership of staff and projects
  • At least three years' experience managing staff.
  • Effective decision making skills
  • Outstanding written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to craft compelling position statements
  • Ability to effectively communicate with aquaculture and fisheries experts
  • Solid understanding of existing and emerging issues in aquaculture and marine conservation
  • Strong time management skills and the ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment.
  • Solid understanding of the history, current dynamics, and contacts with key stakeholders of the sustainable seafood community and aquaculture industry
  • Proven excellence in research using primary literature, gray literature, databases, industry information and other sources as necessary
  • Knowledge, comfort, and proficiency in working with Microsoft Word, Excel, Endnote, and other software are expected
  • Ability to work within, and maintain MBA's Core Values
  • Demonstrated commitment to MBA's Leadership Competencies
  • Ability to travel domestically and occasionally internationally

Desired Skills / Knowledge / Ability / Experience or Education

  •  PhD preferred

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