General Manager

Port-au-Prince, Haiti Full Time $50K-$75K

Job Details

The General Manager will oversee all daily operations of the Farm, Hatchery, Nursery, Processing plant, Hill House, Security, and Fish Distribution:


Overall Responsibilities:

Functional Reports

Assistant GM – Melkicedeck Faubert

Marine Technologist – Gustavo Giraldo

Lead overall day-to-day operations of Farm, Hatchery, Nursery, Processing Plant, Distribution, Guest House, Security, and Distribution by working with all departments to oversee and drive success across each area.

Deliver on key targets, follow-up on the action plans of various departments, while reviewing production, processing, and delivery flow to ensure best practices are used to achieve desired results. Define and maintain detailed records of all key activities including work orders, metrics, reports, and KPIs for each area and/or key activity.

Lead team to establish proactive working relationships and excellent communication, ownership, accountability, and discipline, between all departments and individuals at all levels within the company.

Hiring and Firing of all Farm, Factory, Hatchery, Nursery, Distribution, and Guest House staff. Responsible for supervision, performance, and evaluation of all employees that work on your team.

Review and establish compensation for all employees.

Act as leader to develop a wide array of employee developmental functions, including coaching/mentoring, performance reviews, development planning, and corrective action/termination. Help foster a well-trained and motivated staff while focusing on employee issue resolution and retention.

Lead weekly team meetings on Fridays with team leaders reviewing current week’s activities, activity performance, and plans for the following week’s activities. Share with me each week’s summary.

Prepare and deliver a monthly budget.

Be responsible for support, maintenance, security, and inventory of all assets.

Work closely with the Dir. Of Finance, Dir. Of Fisheries, and the Marine Technologist at all times to achieve companywide goals.


Farm Site Administration and Operations:

Responsible for maintaining proper working order and upkeep of all equipment, vehicles, and facilities. Create and maintain good maintenance and work records for each of these areas. Implement a Work Order system for all repair, maintenance, and project oriented activities. Ensure work is clearly defined including scope and work definition, and time estimates. Ensure all work is done to high quality standards on time and on budget.

Work with Leaders in Fish operations, Processing, and Sales to ensure efficient delivery of product and services across each area. Facilitate and coordinate all purchases and pickup/delivery of goods and services needed for all areas.  


Processing Plant Responsibilities:

Plan, organize, direct and run optimum day-to-day operations of the Processing Plant. Responsible for daily production output, product quality and on–time shipping and delivery.

Work with Sales to gather and organize Customer orders to ensure on-time delivery while maintaining the product quality standards all-of-the way to the Customer.

Develop systems and processes that track and maximize productivity and standards, plant metrics and performance targets to ensure effective yield, all of the way to the Customer, on incoming raw products.

Continuously audit plant activities, performance, asset capacity and flexibility while minimizing unnecessary costs.

Ensure proper quality, cleanliness, safety, and sanitation standards are strictly enforced and adhered to. Ensure all chlorine levels, fish processing times, and shelf life standards are met.


Hill House Responsibilities:

Oversee all aspects of day-to-day operations of the Hill House.

Ensure all rooms, dorm room, toilets, and other facilities are kept clean, well-organized, and in good working order. Ensuring appropriate amenities are available and ready for guests

Ensure daily food services are provided for the Hill House residents in a timely and effective manner.


Security Responsibility:

Plan, organize, direct and run optimum day-to-day Security Operations across all TAF facilities including Hill House, Lake Site, Processing Plant, Cage Site, and any other relevant site.

Work with Team Leaders to develop and implement security protocols for each site to ensure around the clock protection.


Experience: 3-5 Years of Leadership and Management experience in an Aquaculture Operation

Contact Information

Taino Aqua Ferme
Hans Woolley

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