Product Development Manager

Paris, France Full Time

Job Details

You have a PhD in aquaculture nutrition or you have a significant experience ( > 5 years) in an aquafeed company.

Organized and autonomous, you are fluent in English.

To join our team we are looking for people who know and like to :

  • « Solve complicated problems in a simple way » combining rigorous methods with practical sense
  • Integrate complex parameters (feasibility, completion time, costs, follow-ups, …) in the study and choice of technical solutions
  • Be the driving force in the group, be reactive, propose the right solutions and gather the team aroud a shared vision
  • Meet the daily requirements with the company’s long term goals
  • Work independently, prioritize and make choices to reach daily goals in a challenging context.

You are a PhD in aquaculture nutrition or you have significant experience (over 5 years) in aquafeed companies.

Organized and autonomous, your level of English is common.

More generally, we seek to integrate into our team people who know and love:

  • "Solve complex problems in a simple way" by combining rigor and practical sense;
  • Integrate complex parameters (eg feasibility, implementation time, cost, monitoring) into the study and the choice of technical solutions;
  • Be a leader in a group, responsive, proactive and aligning other team members around a shared vision;
  • Constantly reconcile the daily imperatives and long-term goals of the company;
  • Organize autonomously, prioritize and make day-to-day trade-offs to achieve objectives in a constrained context


You will work closely work closely with the founders of InnovaFeed as well as the head of business development. The mission is to generate evidences of the beneficial properties of our insect protein powder on aquaculture animals. More precisely, you will be in charge of:

Developing Existing Products

  • Define the roadmap of trials to be conducted to support our product value ambition
  • Execute it with the right partners: Identification, Selection, Monitoring, Result analysis
  • Scout for new effects of the products to be evidenced
  • Build-up long-lasting partnerships with private and academical counterparts

Developing New products

  • Maintain cutting-edge review of potentials products and applications
  • Define and Prioritize new products to be developed
  • Establish win-win development agreement with relevant partners
  • Demonstrate their efficacy

You will work in close collaboration with the founders of InnovaFeed and the Business Development Manager. The mission is to highlight the beneficial properties of insect protein for aquaculture. More precisely, you will be in charge of:

Develop existing products

  • Define the roadmap of the tests to be conducted
  • Find the right partner: identification, selection, monitoring, analysis of results
  • Highlighting new effects for products
  • Build long-term partnerships with private or academic partners

Develop new products

  • Conduct an active watch of potential products and applications
  • Define and prioritize new products to develop
  • Establish a win-win relationship with partners
  • Demonstrate their effectiveness

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