Bouin, Pays De La Loire, France Full Time

Job Details

The main objectives of the SG2M unit focus on the acquisition of knowledge in the areas of (1) genetic improvement, performance and health control of species of interest in marine aquaculture with specificity for molluscs and (2) the sanitary quality of the coastal coastal environment and shellfish production areas, in relation to public health, climate change and sustainable management.

The Bouin Marine Mollusks Platform (PMMB) attached to the SG2M unit is working on the development of processes to protect bivalves of scientific and economic interest against environmental risks. marine (microbiological risk in particular) and on the other hand the preservation of this marine environment (waste treatment). . It hosts and conducts experimental farms in connection with research projects and pilot the production and supply of tetraploid oysters to commercial hatcheries

Placed under the responsibility of the head of the PMM Bouin station, the position concerns the management of marine bivalve molluscs breeding in connection with the objectives of the platform and the unit Health, Genetics and Microbiology of Molluscs (SG2M) in terms of research and development and in terms of production of specific biological material for the scientific community and the profession (tetraploid oysters).

Main missions

The candidate brings his technical skills to carry out the breeding and experimentations carried out in the facilities of the PMM.

He / she manages daily marine bivalve molluscs breeding in adequacy with the missions which are entrusted to the experimental platform. He / she ensures the proper development of the animals concerned and he / she participates in the production of microalgae fodder.

He / she ensures the maintenance and the maintenance of the corresponding installations. The candidate ensures the proper integration of the station's practices and operating rules into Ifremer's ISO 9001 Quality approach.

Main activities

  • Conduct experimental breeding of marine bivalve molluscs (from the preparation of broodstock to the adult stage) in connection with the activities of the platform in terms of research and development and supply of biological material specific to the scientific community and the profession. He / she contributes to the development of the experimental protocols to bring the expected data to the various projects and to ensure a good traceability of the actions carried out;
  • Manage the different farms in the experimental platform, particularly tetraploid oyster farms, and plan the various actions in terms of production and the various operations of cleaning animals, breeding facilities and circuits seawater supply, in accordance with zoo-sanitary rules. He / She also monitors the quality of the water that feeds experimental farms;
  • Contribute to the production of appropriate micro-algae fodder for the different farms that he / she is responsible for;
  • Integrate and trace its activities in the ISO 9001 quality system set up on the site and more widely at Ifremer.

Relational fields

  • Internally: Ifremer units (laboratories of SG2M units, Functional Physiology of Marine Organisms (PFOM), Environmental Pathways Host Interaction (IHPE), Biogeochemistry and Ecotoxicology (BE), Marine Resources Biotechnology (BRM), ...
  • Externally: reception and supervision of the service providers intervening on the site for equipment maintenance operations and reception of professionals as part of support missions to the profession.


DUT, professional license, Intechmer, or equivalent experience.

Experience in a successful shellfish hatchery .

Skills implemented
  • Technical Skills / Trades
  • Shellfish zootechnics
  • Analytical techniques (biology)
  • Physiology of bivalves
  • IT practice for the use of common software (Word and Excel ...).
  • Personal qualities
  • Rigor
  • Sense of organization
  • Autonomy
  • Team work
  • Curiosity, ability to evolve, to train.

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IFREMER Department of Biological Resources and Environment

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