Research Fellow in Global Seafood Sustainability

Melbourne, Australia Full Time ~$100,000 (AUD/year)

Job Details

The Research Fellow in Global Seafood Sustainability will be responsible to undertake research in the broad area of global resource efficiency in aquaculture and fisheries, with nutritional and planetary boundary perspectives.

The focus questions will address key global sustainability and ethical challenges as they relate to the seafood, aquaculture and fisheries sectors. These will include food security, aquatic resources utilisation, relationships between aquatic and terrestrial resources exploitation, nutritional needs and challenges, and interactions with climate change, emissions abatement, water, biodiversity conservation, energy, land and coastal areas degradation, population, resource use/ scarcity, and urbanisation.
The position has a broad potential scope of work possibly involving but not limited to:
•Marine resources (fishmeal and fish oil) utilisation in aquaculture feeds
•Life cycle analyses of raw materials and natural resources utilised by the aquaculture and aquafeed industry
•Development of a theoretical definition of responsible aquaculture practices, and methods and approaches for its possible quantification
•Consequences of aquaculture practices for global food security, global energy transfer, protein and long-chain omega-3 fatty acids production efficiency
•Cross-scale interactions existing between terrestrial and aquatic food production
•Existing and future alternative and/or complementary feed sources, their status, drivers, bottlenecks and future availability
•The true fish consumption (i.e. unfolding the masked non-edible seafood consumption through different aquaculture systems and other users, such as commercial fisheries –baits-, pet food, nutraceuticals and others)
•In addition, the Research Fellow could contribute to:
•The development and application of models of nutritional resources utilisation and availability
•The analysis of future variability in environmental and economic drivers on aquaculture and fisheries production, and the flow-on impacts on food security and greenhouse gas abatement.
The Research Fellow should have a sound knowledge of current aquaculture and fisheries practices and trends, coupled with a deep understanding of fish, animal and human nutrition, and will be skilled at using the necessary tools, such as different programming languages. The specific research topic(s) and methods will depend upon mutual interest and skills, and prospects for co-investment and impact, to be determined via discussion with the Research Fellow and other key colleagues/collaborators.
This is a new fixed-term position funded by Deakin University.


PhD or equivalent in aquaculture, fisheries, animal nutrition, applied mathematics/statistics or a relevant field

Contact Information

Deakin University
Giovanni Turchini

This is a new fixed-term (3 years) position funded by Deakin University. 

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