Research Assistant

Waimanalo, Hawaii Full Time

Job Details

The selected candidate will assist primarily with the daily tasks of rearing marine animals. These tasks may include (but are not limited to) routine feeding, cleaning tanks, and providing a high-level care to fish and invertebrate populations. Research Assistants will also assist senior staff in maintaining inventory of supplies and procuring supplies and equipment. Research Assistants are expected to have competency and familiarity with all Research Technician responsibilities and will oversee Research Technicians. Research Assistants will also participate in, and supervise, data collection, record keeping, and other relevant research tasks, working largely under the supervision of more senior staff. Work activities take place largely outdoors and may also involve prolonged exposure to sun and/or inclement weather.

Key Responsibilities:
1. Animal Rearing (65%)

  • Feeding and daily care of fish and invertebrates, including measurement of water quality parameters.
  • Culturing live feeds.
  • Maintaining and cleaning tanks, equipment, and other facilities/assets.
  • Collecting animal and system performance data. Data entry.
  • Assist with large departmental tasks, such as tagging, stocking/harvesting, and packing/shipping of marine animals.
 2. Leadership (20%)
  • Leading research or technical task.
  • Serve as a lead and assist in the performance appraisal process of junior staff (e.g. Research Technicians and department/ program volunteer).
 3. Administrative (10%)
  • Ordering or assisting with the ordering of feeds and supplies using University provided purchase credit card (to include: responsible for purchase card, reconciling charges for business use only, and safe keeping of card and PIN)
 4. Performs other related duties as assigned (5%)
  • Assisting in off-campus projects, including domestic and international travel.
  • Actively participates as an effective member of team by completing assigned duties, accepting additional assignments or reassignments.
  • Assists with seasonal peaks.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • B.S. or B.A. degree in aquaculture, marine science, biology, or related discipline.
  • One (1) year of experience working with aquatic (preferably marine) organisms or M.S. degree in aquaculture, marine science, biology or related discipline.
  • Basic proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Willing and able to work (1) adjusted work week (Tuesday-Saturday or Sunday-Thursday) and flexibility to cover open shifts, (2) occasional night shifts (1 per month on average), (3) overtime on short-notice, (4) holidays, and (5) during campus closures (e.g. hurricane or tsunami threats), as well be able to respond to after-hour emergencies.
  • Willing to travel (domestic and international) to support research projects. Valid passport or ability to acquire passport.
  • Upon hire, candidate must have reliable personal transportation to facilitate travel between to all HPU worksites and other locations as required by the position. This includes a valid driver's license and a personal vehicle that is legally registered and insured.
Desired Qualifications:
  • Experience working in aquaculture setting or experience with maintaining or culturing aquatic animals.
  • Experience working in a biosecure environment.
  • Demonstrated experience living/working in a multicultural environment like Hawaii (e.g. travel or study abroad experience).
  • Experience working with larval fish and production of live feeds (Rotifers & Artemia).
  • Experience with mircoscopes and familiar with image analyses.
  • Experience with PVC plumbing and aquatic systems maintenance.
Other Qualifications:
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills, good record keeping, and ability to work in team environment while handling multiple tasks.
  • Candidates must be legally authorized to work in the United States. Visa sponsorship and relocation allowance is not available for this position.
  • Report to work obligations to support the department and may require work during HPU's winter break, if necessary.
  • This position may be considered an essential position with report to work obligations depending on the type of emergency, campus closure, or evacuation.
  • Must meet training and background check qualifications and comply with the Protection of Minors policy.
  • Able to work all shifts and extended hours.
  • Successful candidate will be able to work in an environment that utilize excellent time and stress management skills.

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Hawai'i Pacific University Oceanic Institute

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