2 Ph.D. student assistantships in aquaculture genomics and muscle biology

College Park, MD, USA Full Time

Job Details

Two Ph.D. student assistantships are available for aquaculture genomics projects aiming at 1) Annotating the rainbow trout genome using ChiP-seq and Iso-seq. 2) Applying genomics selection to improve muscle growth and fillet quality.

Applicants should have interests in genomics, bioinformatics, molecular biology, aquaculture, and animal science. Candidates must complete an online application, preferably for the spring semester https://ansc.umd.edu/graduate/admissions. Regarding the financial information, please refer to https://ansc.umd.edu/graduate/financial-information. For any questions regarding the scope of the work, please contact me.

Mohamed (Moh) Salem, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Animal and Avian Sciences

University of Maryland

College Park, Maryland 20742



BSc, preferred to have MS. 

Contact Information

Department of Animal and Avian Sciences, University of Maryland, College Park
Mohamed Salem

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