WAS Committee Assignments 2018-2019
WAS Committee Assignments 2018-2019    
Committee Chair Members  
EXCOM Bill Daniels Maria Portella portella@caunesp.unesp.br  
  daniewh@auburn.edu Juan Pablo Lazo jplazo@cicese.mx
    Wendy Sealey wendy_sealey@fws.gov
    John Cooksey worldaqua@was.org
    Carol Mendoza carolm@was.org
Publications Craig Browdy Zurida Merican zuridah@aquaasiapac.com
  browdyc@gmail.com Mike Denson Densonm@dnr.sc.gov
    Lou D'Abramo ldabramo@grad.msstate.edu
    Darryl Jory dejry2525@aol.com
  Ex-officio Carole Engle cengle8523@gmail.com
  Ex-officio John Hargreaves jhargreaves@cox.net
  Ex-officio Joe Tomasso jt33@txstate.edu
  Ex-officio Bill Daniels daniewh@auburn.edu
Industry Relations Antonio Garza Zuridah Merican zuridah@aquaasiapac.com
  agarza@crm-agc.com Farshad Shishehchian farshad.shishehchian@blueaquaint.com
    Darryl Jory dejry2525@aol.com
    Allen Wu A.WU@nutriad.com
    Craig Browdy browdyc@gmail.com
    Mario Stael mario@marevent.com
    John Cooksey worldaqua@was.org
  Ex-officio Bill Daniels daniewh@auburn.edu
Past Presidents Juan Pablo Laz All past presidents  
  Ex-officio Bill Daniels daniewh@auburn.edu
Promotions & Membership Humberto Villareal Khalid Salie ks1@sun.ac.za
  humberto@cibnor.mx Kathleen Hartman kathleen.h.hartman@aphis.usda.gov
    Kevan Main kmain@mote.org
    Student Rep  
    Antonio Yta Garza garzaan@hotmail.com
    Noe Noe maymyat noelwin noenoeinbk@gmail.com
    Ik-Kyo Chung ikchung@pusan.ac.kr
    John Cooksey worldaqua@was.org
    Carol Mendoza carolm@was.org
  Ex-officio Bill Daniels daniewh@auburn.edu
Affiliations Antonio Garza de Yta Michael Schwarz mschwarz@vt.edu
  agarza@crm-agc.com Ignacio Llorente ignacio.llorente@unican.es
    John Walakira johnwalakira2003@yahoo.co.uk
    Luis Gonzalez-Agraz oceanologo@gmail.com
    Sunchul C. (Charles) Bai schai@pknu.ac.kr
    Marco Saroglia marco.saroglia@uninsubria.it
    Salin Krishna salinkr@gmail.com 
  Ex-officio Bill Daniels daniewh@auburn.edu
Honors & Awards Maria Celia Portella David Cline-USAS clinedj@auburn.edu
  portella@caunesp.unesp.br Guillaume Drillet-APC guillaumedrillet@yahoo.com
    LACC lorenzojuarez@yahoo.com
    Korea Ikchung@pusan.ac.kr
    Craig Browdy browdyc@gmail.com
    Ruby Asmah rubyasmah@yahoo.com
    Marco Saroglia marco.saroglia@uninsubria.it
  Ex-officio Bill Daniels daniewh@auburn.edu
Fellows Sandy Shumway All Fellows  
  Ex-officio Bill Daniels daniewh@auburn.edu
Student Activities Committee Nicole Rhody Lou D'Abramo ldabramo@grad.msstate.edu
  nrhody@mote.org Kevin Fitzsimmons kevfitz@ag.arizona.edu
  Need each Chapter Student rep Jonathan Senten, (USAS Rep) sentenj6085@uapb.edu
    Dr. Bibha Kumari-APC bibhak136@gmail.com
    Samia Sarkis, (LACC SAC Chair) samia.sarkis@coastalshellfish.com
    Michael Denson Densonm@dnr.sc.gov
    Chris Green cgreen@agcenter.lsu.edu
    Patricia Moraes-Valent moraesvalenti@gmail.com
  Ex-officio Bill Daniels daniewh@auburn.edu
Finance & Long Range Planning Wendy Sealey Carole Engle cengle8523@gmail.com
  wendy_sealey@fws.gov Carol Mendoza CarolM@was.org
    Humberto Villareal humberto@cibnor.mx
  FLRP consults w/Executive Director John Cooksey worldaqua@was.org
  Ex-officio Bill Daniels daniewh@auburn.edu
Elections Juan Pablo Lazo Bill Daniels daniewh@auburn.edu
  jplazo@cicese.mx Maria Celia Portella portella@caunesp.unesp.br
    David Cline-USAS clinedj@auburn.edu
    Guillaume Drillet-APC guillaumedrillet@yahoo.com
    Ik-Kyo Chung-Korea ikchung@pusan.ac.kr
    Lorenzo Juarez lorenzojuarez@yahoo.com
    Hussein Elghobashy helghobashy46@yahoo.com
    Hillary Egna egnah@ucs.orst.edu
    Francisco-Javier Martinez cordero@ciad.mx
Policy Rules & Regulations Jennifer Crobfort Patricia Abelin pabelin@gmail.com
  Mike Denson (Co-Chair) Wendy Sealey wendy.sealey@fws.gov
  Densonm@dnr.sc.gov Rebecca Lochmann lochmannr@uapb.edu
  Ex-officio Bill Daniels daniewh@auburn.edu
Communications Ad Hoc Lorenzo Juarez Katherine Hawes k_hawes@bigpond.net.au
  lorenzojuarez@yahoo.com Daryl Jory dejory@gmail.com
    Mike Denson Densonm@dnr.sc.gov
    Carolina Amezauita Carolina@was.org
    John Hargreaves jhargreaves01@yahoo.com
    Kathleen Hartman kathleen.h.hartman@aphis.usda.gov
    John Cooksey worldaqua@was.org
    Carol Mendoza carolm@was.org
  Ex-officio Bill Daniels daniewh@auburn.edu
Survey of Non-WAS members ad hoc Carole Engle Antonio Yta Garza garzaan@hotmail.com
  cengle8523@gmail.com Jennifer Crobfort jennifer.cobcroft01@gmail.com
    Zuridah Merican zuridah@aquaasiapac.com
  Ex-officio Bill Daniels daniewh@auburn.edu
50th Anniversary Ad-hoc Craig Browdy    
  Ex-officio Bill Daniels daniewh@auburn.edu
Sponsorship JWAS hard copies Ad hoc Carole Engle    
  cengle8523@gmail.com Wendy Sealey wendy_sealey@fws.gov
  Ex-officio Bill Daniels daniewh@auburn.edu
African Chapter Formation Ad hoc Kevan Main    
  Ex-officio Bill Daniels daniewh@auburn.edu
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Please take a moment to add judya@was.org to your approved sender's list so that you do not miss out on any important information regarding the World Aquaculture Society and your WAS membership. Many of you may not be aware that your email is not being received due to a permission or security issue. It may have been rejected by a moderator, the address may only accept email from certain senders, or another restriction.

Annual WAS Business Meeting

Please join us for the annual WAS Business meeting on Sat. Aug. 25, 2018 at 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. in Le Corum – Sully 1. We look forward to seeing you at AQUA 2018 in Montpelier, France

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