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Aquaculture Biosecurity: Prevention, Control and Eradication of Aquatic Animal Disease

Published in Cooperation with THE WORLD AQUACULTURE SOCIETY

Aquaculture biosecurity programs addressing aquatic animal pathogens and diseases have become an important focus for the aquaculture industry. Print on Demand title (allow extra days to ship)

Dietary Nutrients, Additives and Fish Health

Dietary Nutrients, Additives and Fish Health is a comprehensive review of dietary nutrients, antinutritional factors and toxins, and non-nutrient dietary additives, and their effects on fish performance and immune system function, as well as overall health. ISBN:978-0-470-96288-6
Authors:Cheng-Sheng Lee, Chhorn Lim, Delbert M. Gatlin III, Carl Webster

Published in cooperation with the UNITED STATES AQUACULTURE SOCIETY

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Handbook for Aquaculture Water Quality

Efficient aquaculture production depends upon maintaining acceptable water quality conditions in culture units.


By: Claude E. Boyd and Craig S. Tucker

2014 438 pages

Acuicultura en Sistemas de Recirculacion

Acuicultura en Sistemas de Recirculación es la versión en español de Recirculating Aquaculture. Los autores son miembros fundadores de la Aquacultural Engineering Society. Tanto los autores como otros contribuyentes al libro tienen amplias trayectorias en el estudio y uso de sistemas de recirculación para la acuicultura M.B. Timmons, J.M. Ebeling, R. H. Piedrahita
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