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Picture of Aquaculture: Will it rise to its potential to feed the world?

Aquaculture: Will it rise to its potential to feed the world?

Aquaculture is the most environmentally sustainable means to feed the population boom that threatens the planet. Will government allow it to do this critically important job?

George S. Lockwood

ISBN: 9781366393340


Paperback 199 pages

About the author:

George Lockwood founded Monterey Abalone Farms in 1972 that eventually became Ocean Farms of Hawaii. It produced abalone, salmon, sea urchins and oysters in a novel system using deep ocean water pumped into onshore tanks and ponds. Over the many years he has been interested in public policy relative to aquaculture development. Lockwood is a former president of the World Aquaculture Society and a founder and former president of the California Aquaculture Association. He was a major contributor to the National Aquaculture Act of 1980 and the California Aquaculture Act of 1982. Since 2005, he has served as Chair of the Aquaculture Working Group that is advising the USDA with the development of organic aquaculture standards. Through this book he seeks to make domestic aquaculture a robust industry that substantially contributes to our national economy while producing the most environmentally sustainable and the healthiest forms of meat protein.

Picture of Aquaculture: Will it rise to its potential to feed the world?
Aquaculture: Will it rise to its potential to feed the world?
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