WAS Honorary Life Members

THE HONORARY LIFE AWARD may be conferred upon any living individual who has made a longstanding and significant contribution in some field of aquaculture.  Candidates for the award may be nominated by any member of the society by submission of the name and supporting documents to the Honors Chairman.  The onus of documenting the candidate's qualifications for this award lies with the individual who nominates the candidate.  The nomination must be ratified by a two thirds vote of the Board.


G. Robert Luntz, Jr. 1969

Frank M. Ritchie 1969

H. S. Swingle 1972

S.W. Ling 1974

T.V.R. Pillay 1976

Gordon Gunter 1976

Victor Loosanoff 1976

Lauren Donaldson 1977

Paul Galstoff 1977

James W. Avault, Jr. 1978

Peter Korringa 1978

Takuji Fujimura 1979

Harold L. Goodwin 1979

Jon M. Lindberg 1979

John Hughes 1980

H. B. Rabanal 1982

Shimon Tal 1983

James Shelbourne 1986

Samuel P. Meyers 1987 deceased

I. Chiu Liao 1987

Harold H. Webber 1988

Paul A. Sandifer 1989

Elek Woynarovich 1990 deceased

C.K. Tseng 1991

Harald Rosenthal 1993

Ken Chew 1995

Imre Csava 1996

Akio Kanazawa 1997

Luigi Provasoli 1998

Robert R. L. Guillard 1998

Hiralal Chaudhuri 1998

Claude E. Boyd 1999

Michael New 2002

Patrick Sorgeloos 2003

Sena S. De Silva 2005

Roger S. V. Pullin 2005

Serge Doroshov 2006

Donald V. Lightner 2007

James McVey 2007

I. B. Kim 2008

Li Sifa 2008

Harry Cook 2009

John E. Halver 2009

Modadugu Vijaya Gupta 2009

Robert R. Stickney 2011

Hillary Egna 2012

Peter Edwards 2012

Trygve Gjedrem 2014 

Yoram Avnimelech 2015

Abdel-Fattah El-Sayed 2015

George Chamberlain 2016

Ron Hardy 2017

Rohana Subasinghe 2017 


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Annual WAS Business Meeting

Please join us for the annual WAS Business meeting on Sat. Aug. 25, 2018 at 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. in Le Corum – Sully 1. We look forward to seeing you at AQUA 2018 in Montpelier, France

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