World Aquaculture - December 2023

22 DECEMBER 2023 • WORLD AQUACULTURE • WWW.WAS.ORG Major fed fish & crustaceans in 2021 and estimated feed usage Tables 1 & 2 show the major fed fish and crustacean species groups in 2021 (farmed species whose production is mainly based on the use of pelleted aquafeeds). The largest fed group was Chinese fed carps at 14.43 million tons (including Grass carp, Common carp, Carassius spp., Wuchang bream, and Black carp), followed by penaeid shrimp at 7.34 million tons (includes Whiteleg shrimp, Giant tiger prawn, Metapenaeid shrimp, etc.), tilapia at 6.31 million tons (includes Nile tilapia, BlueNile tilapia hybrid, Mozambique tilapia, etc.), catfishes at 6.13 million tons (includes Striped catfish, Torpedo shaped catfishes, Yellow catfish, Channel catfish, Pangas catfishes, Amur catfish, North African catfish, etc.), miscellaneous freshwater fishes at 6.04 million tons (includes Largemouth black bass, Snakehead, Mandarin fish, Asian swamp eel, Colossoma, Giant gourami, etc.), freshwater crustaceans at 4.11 million tons (includes Red swamp crawfish, Chinese mitten crab, Giant river According to the FAO total world aquaculture production reached a new high of 126,035,297 tons in 2021, with total production valued at over US $ 296.03 billion, and the sector growing at an average annual rate (APR) of 5.25% since 2000 (Figure 1; FAO, 2023). Finfish remain the major farmed species group at 59.42 million tons (47.1%), followed by seaweeds or aquatic plants at 35.17 million tons (27.9%), mollusks at 18.42 million tons (14.6%), crustaceans at 11.88 million tons (9.4%), and miscellaneous aquatic animals at 1.14 million tons (0.9%; Figure 2). Asia continued to dominate global aquaculture production at 91.4% total global production in 2021, followed by the Americas (3.5%), Europe (2.8%), Africa (1.9%), and Oceania (0.2%). The top ten country producers in 2021 included China (72.80 million tons, 57.8% of total global production), followed by Indonesia (14.61 million tons), India (9.41 million tons), Viet Nam (4.75 million tons), Bangladesh (2.64 million tons), Korea (Republic of, 2.43 million tons), the Philippines (2.27 million tons), Norway (1.66 million tons), Egypt (1.58 million tons) and Chile 1.44 (million tons) (FAO, 2023). World Aquaculture Trends and Future Prospects* Albert G.J. Tacon PhD FIGURE 1. Total global aquaculture production 2000 to 2021 (FAO, 2023). FIGURE 2. Global aquaculture production by major species group in 2021. TABLE 1. Top major fed finfish and crustacean species groups in 2021 (FAO, 2023). TABLE 2. Top fed fish and crustaceans in 2021 and estimated feed usage.