Aquaculture America 2023

February 23 - 26, 2023

New Orleans, Louisiana USA


Nikola Vladimir*, Tena Bujas, Marija Korican, Vladimir Soldo, Zdenko Tonkovic and Manuela Vukic

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Ivana Lucica 5, 10002 Zagreb, Croatia,


Aquaculture is expanding sector on the global level resulting in higher concerns for its sustainability. Generally, sustainability can be defined as a process of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs, and it is considered to be constituted of three pillars: the economy, society and environment. This work considers environmental pillar of sustainability of mariculture systems, with a goal to investigate effect of alternative powering options in mariculture on its lifetime environmental footprint. In this sense the alternative mariculture system from Korican at al. (2022) has been considered. This work, as a result of INTEL-MARIC project, conducted at UNIZAG FSB considers set of alternative fuels (LNG, Methanol, Biodiesel) and associated emissions (CO2, NOx, SO, and PM) of the mariculture system. The life-cycle assessment (LCA) indicates that significant environmental benefits are possible in case of alternative mariculture system layouts and by use of alternative fuels like for instance methanol or biodiesel, Figure 1.

Selected references

Korican, M., Percic, M., Vladimir, N., Soldo, V., Jovanovic, I.: Environmental and economic assessment of mariculture systems using a high share of renewable energy sources, J. Cleaner Prod., Vol. 333, 2022., 130072.

Vladimir, N., Korican, M., Soldo, V., Percic, M.: Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Energy Options for Mariculture within Project INTEL-MARIC, Abstract Book of the Aquaculture 2022 Conf., San Diego, California, USA, 2022. pp. 750.

This investigation has been co-funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund of the European Union within the project “INTEL-MARIC”, granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Directorate of Fisheries, Republic of Croatia (Award No. UP/I-324-01/21-01/385