Aquaculture America 2023

February 23 - 26, 2023

New Orleans, Louisiana USA


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Aquaculture America 2023

Aquaculture America Returns to New Orleans


AQUACULTURE AMERICA 2023 returns to one of the favorite tourist spots in the world for the only major national aquaculture conference and exposition held in the U.S. The U.S. Aquaculture Society (formerly U.S. Chapter of WAS) joins with National Aquaculture Association and the Aquaculture Suppliers Association to produce the annual Aquaculture America meetings.

The Conference is also the site for meetings organized by the Aquacultural Engineering Society, Aquatic Drug Approval Coalition, US Trout Farmers Association, Zebrafish Husbandry Association and many more associations to make Aquaculture America 2023 the one meeting in the U.S. that you don’t want to miss!

A CRITICAL TRADE SHOW FOR AQUACULTURISTS AQUACULTURE AMERICA 2023 will have the largest aquaculture trade show in the Western Hemisphere and one of the largest anywhere in the world with nearly 200 booths! This is your opportunity to inspect the latest in products and services for the aquaculture industry. It is the place to visit current suppliers and make new contacts. To keep ahead and to keep profits building, you need to keep pace with the technological advancements in the industry

NEW ORLEANS – THE BEST ENTERTAINMENT, EATING AND HISTORY! AQUACULTURE AMERICA 2023 is the place to learn about the latest in aquaculture, see the newest technology in the trade show and have a great time in the many fantastic restaurants, bars and entertainment sites in New Orleans.

23 - 26

February 2023 New Orleans, Louisiana USA

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Travel Information

All participants are required to pay their own accommodation and travel expenses



The Marriott New Orleans is the headquarters hotel for Aquaculture America 2023 and the location for all conference activities.


A dedicated website is now available for attendees to book their hotel rooms online for the Marriott New Orleans

Blooking Website: Book Online Here

Please book as soon as possible to guarantee availability. The hotel is filling up fast!

Phone: TOLL FREE: 1-709-739-6404 and 504-581-1000