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John (Jack) Crockett

Email Address:
Address: p.o. box 18567
City: Corpus Christi
State/Providence: Texas
Zip Code: 78480
Country: United States
Phone Number: 3614280039
Date Posted: 2/22/2017


Objective: I would like to use my skills and experience in order to contribute positively to an organization that requires the services of a dedicated, highly skilled, and responsible person.


I obtained a Bachelor of Science with major studies in biology and a minor in chemistry from Texas A&M University – Kingsville.


I have one year of experience in algae culture research, seven years of experience in shrimp culture research, three years of experience in commercial zero water exchange shrimp raceway management, fourteen years of experience in semi-intensive commercial shrimp pond management, and three years of experience with shrimp and tilapia polyculture. I managed microalgae outdoor raceway systems which were harvested with a centrifuge for studies related to lipid and protein production. I learned how to transfer, and provide nutrients for, algae raised from pure starter stock to 1500 liter production batches. I managed a seawater flow through system which produced macro and micro algae while simultaneously improving water quality. The algae were harvested to evaluate their benefit as feed ingredients. I specialized in reduced water exchange biofloc shrimp culture nursery systems. Post larvae were raised at high densities to juvenile sizes. I was able to maintain excellent water quality and system parameters. I understand how to calculate feed rates and maintain acceptable feed conversion ratios. I can calculate the amount of carbon required to control inorganic nitrogen by heterotrophic bacteria assimilation, and how to maintain populations of nitrifying bacteria to control ammonia and nitrites through oxidation. I am able to use information from the periodic table to calculate doses of required system additives. During my tenure at the Port Aransas Shrimp Mariculture laboratory I was responsible for writing twenty experimental designs and management of the corresponding trials which tested hypothetical biofloc management concepts. I developed protocols for biofloc autotrophic and heterotrophic dominance sequencing, and also developed a methodology for quantifying organic carbon needs to control inorganic nitrogen in biofloc systems. I validated carbon microbial conversion efficiency for short-chain fructooligosaccharide, and feed requirements of juvenile shrimp in biofloc systems. Laboratory experience includes algae lipid analysis, biofloc and algae biomass determination through TSS and VSS procedures. I have also used specific wavelength absorbance to determine biomass of pure algae cultures. I have used Imhoff cones to determined wet biofloc density. I can carry out water quality analysis. I am familiar with the operation of centrifuges. I can organize data on excel spreadsheets. I can prepare tables and graphs from spreadsheets to support data analysis. I’m familiar with preparing power point presentations.


I have twelve published abstracts, two published articles, and an accepted manuscript to be published in the International Journal of Recirculating Aquaculture. I have given twelve oral presentations at recognized events including the World Aquaculture Society, the International Recirculating Conference, the Symposium of the World’s Chinese Scientist’s on Crustacean Aquaculture, and the Texas Aquaculture Association.

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