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Eduardo Rawlins

Email Address:
Address: 10628 Brittany Park Drive
City: Reno
State/Providence: Nevada
Zip Code: 89521
Country: United State
Phone Number: 775-742-7505
Date Posted: 3/16/2017


• Excellent communication skills – especially in cross cultural settings. • Excellent management skills. • Thorough Knowledge Thorough Knowledge of development of new projects. • Thorough knowledge of the management, development, implementation and maintenance of aqua systems. • Thorough Knowledge of Supply Chain. • Long term care for fresh and salt water fish. • Fluent (read, write and speak) in Spanish and English. • Extensive teaching experience. • Marine Safety Certified (Train the trainer). • Thorough Knowledge of Safety and Lost Prevention.


Postgraduate Business Administration and Marketing, University of Marketing Caracas, Venezuela 1996-1997 Bachelors Degree in Aquaculture, Oceanography and Fishing Technology, Punta de Piedras, Venezuela 1986-1992 Drill Instructor Certification, Alaska Marine Safety Education Association Sitka, Alaska May 2007 • Drill Instructor, Marine Safety and Survival Equipment Instructor


Fish Operations and Health Manager, PetSmart Inc. Reno, NV October, 2009 – February, 2017 • Assist with the startup of a 4200 fish tanks ornamental fish distribution center, collaborate with corporate partners to develop productivity and husbandry protocols and provide associate training. • Prepare yearly budget responsible for monthly and yearly P&L. Assist with the conversion of a fish distribution center, partnering with corporate trainers to develop productivity, husbandry and training protocols. Assist with developing Labor Management standards and implementation. • In charge to run complete operation of receiving, picking (order fulfillment), packing and shipping Tropical Fish, Aquatic Plants and Amphibians to serve 160 plus stores on the North west of US. • In charge of all Tropical Fish and Plants Health, in charge of preparation and maintenance of 4200 fish tanks plus amphibians and aquatic plants. • Manage and supervise a staff of 18 hourly associates, and 1 salary associate. • Train and cross-train all the staff in all different functions in the fish department, and in the hard goods side of the business. • Assist and act as Lost Prevention and Safety Manager with accident and incidents investigation. • Coordinate with other 4 Fish Operation Managers as well with Health Managers to drive effectiveness, productivity and consistency. • Coordinate with Educational and Research institutions to develop new and efficient techniques. Fish Health Manager, PetSmart Inc. Reno, NV May, 2008 – January, 2010 • Tropical Fish and Plants Health, in charge of health, medicate and dosage, preparation and maintenance of 4200 fish tanks plus amphibians and aquatic plants. Technical Advisor, Agropecuaria Kiubo (Fish Farm) Caracas, Venezuela 1996-2004 • Provided supervisory support to ornamental fish breeding farm, health support • Oversaw production of over 200,000 fish per month, diet analysis, formulation and preparation • Conducted regular water analysis to ensure water quality • Fresh water and tropical Fish included Blacktetra Gymnocorybus temmetri , Coridora Corydoras paleatus, Swordfish Xiphophorus hellerii, Angel Pterophyllum scalare, Blue Gourami Trichogaster trichopterus


Academic Thesis: Toxicity Bio test on Ornamental Tropical Fish (Brachydanio reri), with Baytex, Measuring LT-50 y LC-50. University Publication: Policulture of Ornamental fish (Carassius auratus) and the fresh water shrimp (Machobrachium rosembergii) in Australian Tank in Controlled Conditions.

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