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Vinu siva

Email Address:
Address: 14D, 6th cross st, Anna Nagar, Pammal, Chennai -75
City: Chennai
State/Providence: Tamilnadu
Zip Code: 600075
Country: India
Phone Number: 9751926980
Date Posted: 7/12/2017


I am glad to introduce myself as Dr. Vinu siva. I wanted to express my interest and inquire about the possibility of a position in your esteemed University. I completed my Ph.D in Natural Science (Marine Biotechnology) at Institute of Oceanology, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in June 2012. My dissertation established molecular marker or allele mining of immune gene and its association with disease resistance in Scallop which paves the way for future marker assisted selection in Scallop aquaculture. During this period, I also involved in several other work in Shell fish immunology and molecular marker studies. As a postdoctoral fellow at National Taiwan University, I have actively participated to ascertain two unknown RNA-binding protein that specifically bind to Astakine 3’UTR of Penaeus monodon. This work contributed in astakine translational control by RNA-binding protein which may help to reveal the role of astakine in shrimp haematopoiesis. In this period, I was also involved in shrimp Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS) protein purification and biochemical assay. Before and after my PhD, I was involved in industrial projects in aquaculture both in India and abroad. I am currently working in Sathyabama University, running a DST funded project. I also professionally involved in Biotechnology, Shrimp farming and Aquaculture. With my experience and interest, I like to join in your esteemed company/institute to nurture my career. Thank you very kindly for your consideration Sincerely, Dr. Vinu


Aug 2012– Post Doc, National Taiwan University, Taiwan July 2013 Project title: “Identification of two unknown RNA-binding proteins that specifically bind to Astakine 3’UTR of Penaeus monodon” and also worked in “An evolutionarily ancient NO synthase (NOS) in shrimp” Aug, 2009 – Ph.D., Natural Sciences, Institute of Oceanology, Graduate University of Chinese May 2012 Academy of Sciences, China. Thesis title: “Association between the polymorphism of immune genes and disease susceptible/resistance of scallop”. Supervisor: Dr. Linsheng song June 2001 – M.Sc. in Environmental Biotechnology, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, April, 2003 Thirunelveli, India. Thesis title: “Analysis of intraspecific natural variants Kingiodendron pinnatum [Roxb Dc. Ex] Harms by molecular markers and leaf anatomy” Supervisor: Dr. Ravichandran. P May, 1999 – B.Sc. in Biochemistry, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Thirunelveli, India. April, 2001 Major Subject: Biochemistry, Microbiology and Chemistry


Dec 2015 – Scientist C in Sathyabama University – Working on DST-SERB project. Till date Nov 2014 – Bio-security supervisor in Saudi Fisheries Company, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Responsibility: Bio-security implementation in Hatchery, Grow-out farm as per the guidelines of Aquaculture Department Ministry of Agriculture (ADMA), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Screening of viral pathogens like WSSV, TSV and other Post larvae quality assessment. Preparation and verification of HACCP and SOP protocols. Nov, 2003 - Senior Research technician in R& D Dep. of CP Aquaculture (India) Pvt Limited Aug, 2009 Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Responsibility: Technical advice to Shrimp farmers, Diagnosis of Viral pathogen Probiotic Product development.


• Siva, Vinu S., Lingling Wang, Limei Qiu, Zhi Zhou, Chao Liu, Jialong Yang, Chuanyan Yang, and Linsheng Song. "Polymorphism in a serine protease inhibitor gene and its association with the resistance of bay scallop (Argopecten irradians) to Listonella anguillarum challenge." Fish & Shellfish Immunology 59 (2016): 1-8. • Yun-Tsan Chang, Chung-Yung Lin, Che-Yiang Tsai, Vinu S Siva, Chia-Ying Chu, Huai-Jen Tsai, Yen-Ling Song, The new face of the old molecules: crustin Pm4 and tranglutaminase type I serving as RNPs down-regulate astakine-mediated hematopoiesis, 2013, PLoS One. DOI:10.1016/j.fsi.2013.08.016. • Chun-Hung Wu, Vinu S Siva, Yen-Ling Song. An evolutionarily ancient NO synthase (NOS) in shrimp, 2013, Fish and Shellfish Immunology. DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.007279 • Yang Gao, Huan Zang, Qiang Gao, Lingling Wang, Fuching Zhang, Vinu S Siva, Zhi Zhou, Linsheng Song, Shicui Zhang. Transcriptome analysis of artificial hybrid pufferfish jiyan-1 and its parental species: implications for pufferfish heterosis, 2013, PLoS One. • Vinu S Siva, Chuanyan Yang, Jialong Yang, Lingling Wang, Leilei Wang, Zhi Zhou, Limei Qiu , Linsheng Song. Association of CfLGBP gene polymorphism with disease susceptibility/ resistance of Zhikong scallop (Chlamys farreri) to Listonella anguillarum. 2012. Fish and shellfish immunology. • Vinu S Siva, Chuanyan Yang, Jialong Yang, Lingling Wang, Leilei Wang, Zhi Zhou, Limei Qiu , Linsheng Song. Association between the polymorphism of CfPGRP-S1 gene and disease susceptibility/resistance of Zhikong scallop (Chlamys farreri) to Listonella anguillarum Challenge. 2012. Fish and shellfish immunology. • Chuanyan Yang, Lingling Wang, Vinu S Siva, Xiaowei Shi, Qiufen Jiang, Jingjing Wang, Huan Zhang and Linsheng Song. A Novel Cold-Regulated Cold Shock Domain Containing Protein from Scallop Chlamys farreri with Nucleic Acid-Binding Activity. 2012. PLoS One 7(2):e32012. • Leilei Wang, Lingling Wang, Huan Zhang, Zhi Zhou, Vinu S Siva, Linsheng Song. A C1q domain containing protein from scallop Chlamys farreri serving as pattern recognition receptor with heat-aggregated IgG binding activity. 2012. PLoS One. • Yang C, Zhang L, Wang L, Zhang H, Qiu L, Vinu S. Siva, Linsheng Song. The Gln32Lys Polymorphism in HSP22 of Zhikong Scallop Chlamys farreri Is Associated with Heat Tolerance. 2011. PLoS One 6(12): e28564. • Jianguo Su, Limei Qiu, Ling li, Lin Liu, Lingling Wang, Vinu S. Siva, Dahui Yu, Linsheng Song. cDNA cloning and characterization of a new member of the tumor necrosis factor receptor family gene from scallop, Chlamys farreri. 2011. Molecular biology reports, 38(7): 4483-4490. • Liu L, Yang J, Qiu L, Wang L, Zhang H, Wang M, Vinu SS, Song L. A novel scavenger receptor-cysteine-rich (SRCR) domain containing scavenger receptor identified from mollusk mediated PAMP recognition and binding. 2011. Dev. Comp. Immunol. 35:227-239. • Fengmei Li, Xuemei Gai, Lingling Wang, Linsheng Song, Huan Zhang, Limei Qiu, Mengqiang Wang and Vinu S Siva. Identification and characterization of a Cystatin gene from Chinese mitten crab Eriocheir sinensis. 2010. Fish and Shellfish Immunology. 29(3):521-9.

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