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Rajaneesh Kolchar

Email Address:
Address: SAS12 NIO colony Donapaula
City: Panaji
State/Providence: Goa
Zip Code: 403004
Country: India
Phone Number: 9423595486
Date Posted: 7/20/2017


Oceanography research


Ph.D in Marine Sciences (thesis submitted) Goa University M.SC. (Biotechnology) Bharathiar University 2008 (75%) B.SC. Mangalore University 2006 (57%) 12th Karnataka Higher Secondary Education Board 2003 (58%) 10th Karnataka Higher Secondary Education Board 2001 (85%)


• A competent Research professional with over 8 years of experience in Microbial Research. • Expertise in managing complete laboratory services, field data collection as well as conducting laboratory experiments. • Thorough understanding and In-depth knowledge of techniques used in phytoplankton ecology. • Insightful experience of presenting posters in National Conferences and various publications. • Strong communication skills, analytical ability and ability to perform under stress and strenuous conditions. • Participated in several field works and cruises.


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