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Ambily V

Email Address:
Address: Ithithara House Edakochi P O
City: Cochi
State/Providence: Kerala
Zip Code: 682010
Country: India
Phone Number: 9745365706
Date Posted: 8/5/2017


To find out Job opportunities that suits my qualification such as Post doc teaching other research jobs, technical jobs etc


PhD in Zoology (April,2017): PG and Research Department of Zoology, N.S.S. Hindu College, Changanacherry (Year, 2017) (Percentage of course work. 70 %) Affiliated to M.G. University, Kottyam, India Title of Thesis: Phenology and life history traits of Arius subrostratus (Valenciennes, 1840) from Cochin Estuary, India. Mphil in Life Sciences(2010): Department of Marine biology, Microbiology and Biochemistry,School of Marine Sciences, Cochin University of Science and Technology. Ernakulam, India (66.88%, year of passing 2010) Post Graduation (MSc) in Applied Fisheries and Aquaculture: Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, St.Albert’s College, Affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University. Ernakulam, India. (68.73%, year of passing. 2007) Graduation (BSc)in Zoology: The Cochin College, Ernakulam Affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala, India. (66.4%, year of passing.2003)


Five year experience in the field of Fishery biology from Department of Marine biology, School of Marine Sciences, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kerala, India. I have laboratory and field experiences in the field of fishery biology and population characteristics. (11- 3- 2011 to 17 – 3- 2016)


International Publications Megha Aziz., V, Ambily and S, Bijoy Nandan. 2013. Age and growth of Gerres filamentosus (Cuvier, 1829) from Kodungallur, Azhikode Estuary, Kerala, African Journal of Agricultural Research, 8(29): 4007-4014. Publisher: Academic journals, IF: 0.263. National Publications Ambily, V and Bijoy Nandan ,S. 2010. Food and feeding habits of Arius subrostratus (Valenciennes, 1840) from a wetland in Kerala. Bioscience Guardian-An Internationa- An International Journal. 8 (1): 1-6. Publisher. Current Bioscience Association, Bhavnagar, India. Ambily, V and Bijoy Nandan, S. 2010. Length weight relationship, relative Condition factor (Kn) and morphometry of Arius subrostratus (Valenciennes, 1840)from a coastal wetland in Kerala, Indian Journal of Fisheries , 57(4):39-44.ISSN:05372003. Publisher: Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, (ICAR) Impact factor: 0.04. Megha Aziz., V, Ambily and S, Bijoy Nandan. 2012. Food and Feeding Habits of Gerres filamentosus(Cuvier, 1829) from Kodungallur - Azhikode Estuary,Kerala, India.Fishery Technology, 49:1 – 4. Publisher: Central Institute of Fishery Technology, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, (ICAR), IF: 0.04. Book Chapters Ambily, V. and S, Bijoy Nandan .2010. Age and growth of Arius subrostratus(Valenciennes, 1840) from a wetland in Kerala, In : Green Path to Sustainability: Prospects and Challenges, Regimol C. Cherian, N. Chandramohanakumar, S. Bijoy Nandan, O.V. Reethamma, I’ma Neerakkal and Arun Augustine (eds.), ISBN:978-81-907269-9-3, pages 89-96. Bijoy Nandan, S and Ambily.V. 2016. Conservation, Management and Implication of law in Biodiversity of Aquatic Resources. A National workshop on “Biodiversity and Conservation of Aquatic resources, Held on 10/11/ 2016 to 11/11/2016 Fisheries Training and Research Centre, Parakkai, Kanyakumari District. 79 -92. Published Abstracts Ambily, V and Bijoy Nandan, S. 2014. Stomach Content and Feeding habits of Arius subrostratus (Valencienns, 1804) from a Tropical Estuary,India. Marine Ecosystem-Challenges and Opportunities,2-5, December 2014. Kochi, Pp 65-66. Gene Bank Submissions: Arius subrostratus (Accession Number: KR011049)

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