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Barcley Pace

Email Address:
Address: 12873 Mulberry Drive
City: Denham Springs
State/Providence: LA
Zip Code: 70726
Country: USA
Phone Number: 8597971423
Date Posted: 9/19/2017


I am seeking employment in an aquatic field that affords me the opportunity to use my experiences, knowledge, and passion for aquatic ecology and research to make a positive impact.


M.S. Aquaculture and Fisheries Sciences (2016) Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, LA B.A. Marine Science (2012) Boston University, Boston, MA Magna Cum Laude


Research Technician, Tulane National Primate Research Center, Covington, LA (July 2016-Present) • Immunohistochemistry staining of cryopreserved and paraffin embedded tissue sections using fluorescent and chromogenic substrates to detect antigens of interest • Confocal microscopy imaging and analysis to quantify positively stained cells and produce images for publication • Flow cytometry staining of isolated cells to identify cell populations • ELISA assays using both laboratory derived protocols and commercial kits, data interpolation using PRISM software • Processing of tissue biopsies and blood from non-human primates to isolate cells for experimental assays • Aseptic work conducted in BSL-2 laboratory with potentially pathogenic agents  Graduate Research Assistant, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA (Feb 2014-June 2016) • Designed and conducted independent thesis research investigating white spot syndrome virus in Red Swamp crayfish • Research conducted in large, re-circulating aquaculture systems, extensive experience with laboratory animal husbandry of several fish and invertebrate species, minor plumbing repairs to maintain systems • Viral isolation from biological tissues via ultracentrifugation, collection and preparation of biological tissue samples for laboratory analysis • DNA/RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis, PCR, quantitative PCR, gel electrophoresis • Spectrophotometric biochemical assays • Curation of large datasets in Excel, statistical analysis using SAS software, and scientific writing • Laboratory management and mentoring of undergraduate students Fieldwork Volunteer, Georgia Institute of Technology, Fiji Islands (Oct. – Dec. 2012) • Snorkel field surveys to identify reef fish and algal species in marine protected areas • Coral spawning in the field and rearing of coral larvae, constructed flow-through seawater system • Behavioral experiments investigating settlement preferences of coral larvae Aquarist Intern, Aquarium de Paris, Paris, France (Oct. – Dec. 2011) • Performed animal husbandry tasks for marine and freshwater species, including feed preparation, cleaning display tanks, health monitoring and maintaining quarantined systems • Cared for live coral, maintained a live culture of rotifers on a daily basis REU Intern, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, MA (June -Aug. 2011) • Designed and conducted independent research project investigating olfactory learning in newborn smooth dogfish sharks (Mustelus canis) through behavioral responses • Animal husbandry, lab maintenance, supervision of summer students American Lobster Aquaculture Intern, New England Aquarium, Boston, MA (May-Aug. 2010) • Animal husbandry for hundreds of newly hatched and juvenile lobsters in an AZA accredited aquarium • Monitoring and data collection of experiments investigating shell disease


• Pace, BT, Hawke, JP, Subramanian, R, Green, CC. Experimental inoculation of Louisiana red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii with white spot syndrome virus (WSSV). Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 120: 143-150. • Pace, BT, Lackner, AA, Porter, E, Pahar, B. 2017. The role of defensins in HIV pathogenesis. Mediators of Inflammation 2017. • Pace, BT, Lang, RP, Green, CC. 2017. Antioxidant activity and immunological gene expression induced by white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) infection in Procambarus clarkii. Currently under journal review. 

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