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Jennifer McClain-Counts

Email Address:
Address: 7920 NW 71st St
City: Gainesville
State/Providence: FL
Zip Code: 32653
Country: USA
Phone Number: 910.200.6681
Date Posted: 9/20/2017


Obtain a position in Wilmington, NC working as a biologist or ecologist.


I received an MS in Marine Science (2010) and BS in Marine Biology (2006) from the University of North Carolina Wilmington.


Since 2011 I have been employed as a biologist with the U.S. Geological Survey Wetland and Aquatic Research Center. I manage the benthic ecology laboratory, which includes purchasing, organizing, maintaining, manufacturing, and troubleshooting lab and field equipment and supplies, supervising and training personnel, archiving samples, and holding bimonthly meetings. I handle all fieldwork logistics, which includes numerous offshore research expeditions and work in mangrove habitats, as well as collect and process samples (sediments, flora, fauna, oceanographic data). I manage multiple data sets for a variety of projects, which includes creating and maintaining databases, conduct quality assurance and control of the data, and assisting with analyses. My background is in stable isotope ecology, which has resulted in some publications. I have the following computer skills: ArcGIS, MS Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Photo Shop, Adobe Acrobat, JMPIN, Sigma Stat, Sigma Plot, Seabird data-processing software programs, HOBOware software, PRIMER-E, IsoSource, EndNote, UNISENSE SensorTrace Logger software, R software, proficient with PC and Macintosh computers I have the following trainings/certifications: Transportation Work Identification Credentials (TWIC) card (expires June 2022), PADI Open Water Diver, Motorboat Operator Certification Course, CPR and First Aid, Remote first aid, Forklift Operations, DOT Hazard Materials Training (expires 2018), Transportation of Dangerous Good in Compliance with IATA Regulations (expires 2019), Over the Water Safety Training, Defensive driving including trailering I have experience with the following equipment: Otter trawl, Tucker trawl, plankton net, benthic skimmer, fish traps, Conductivity Temperature Depth Profiler (CTD) with and without niskin bottles, multicorer, box core, monocorer, push cores, core extruder, Ekman sampler, YSI, refractometer, eh probe, pH sensor, rod surface elevation tables (rSET), UNISENSE redox microsensors, isotope ratio mass spectrometer, elemental analyzer, GPS, Onset HOBO data loggers, fluorometer, light meters, Mettler microbalance, lab balance, microscope (compound and stereo), desiccators, Canon DSLR camera, GoPro camera, table saw, drill press, PVC cutter, basic power tools, convection oven, muffle furnace, stirring plate, vacuum pump, transect tape, mini McCulley soil corer


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