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Christopher Tomlinson

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Address: Not Entered
City: Perth
State/Providence: Western Australia
Zip Code: 6122
Country: Australian
Phone Number: +61476938385
Date Posted: 11/19/2017


I have a genuine personal and work-related interest in the aquaculture industry and strive to broaden my knowledge and gain more experience in all areas. I am currently seeking domestic or overseas employment to continue building on my current skills.


Curtin University of Technology. Western Australia. BSc (Aquaculture and Seafood Science) (Honours) 2005 BSc (Aquaculture and Seafood Science) 2002-2004


Apsara Pearl, Sumbawa. Indonesia (postponed project) September 2017-November 2017 Nursery Manager • Personally, designed a broodstock, hatchery and nursery facility o Used basic CAD software and then worked alongside engineers and draftsman to finalise my drawings in AutoCAD o Travelled to Jakarta and Sumbawa in Indonesia and co-operated with Indonesian engineers and draftsman to ensure aquaculture processes could be carried out efficiently and successfully in the new facilities o Forward thought critical steps such as expansion and waste water management • Sourced and sized all necessary equipment and communicated with international suppliers at a competitive price • Was organised to move to the remote area of Sumbawa Besar to live and work however the owners of the project unfortunately decided to indefinitely delay the project rendering my position redundant Coral Coast Barramundi/Good Fortune Bay Fisheries, Bowen. Australia November 2011-September 2017 Hatchery, Nursery and Broodstock Manager Broodstock • Managing of large scale Barramundi (Lates calcarifer) broodstock facilities with over 100 individuals in stock • Initiating, planning and overseeing an ongoing genetic breeding program • Co-coordinating of a breeding program for the rare and unique white and gold colour morphs of L. calcarifer • Manipulation of temperature and lighting to ensure productive spawning broodstock • Cannulation and hormone induction of Barramundi broodstock • Disease management through monitoring and preventative treatment protocols • Management of two small separate RAS with critical alarms and strict temperature control Hatchery • Vast knowledge of live feeds • Managing the largest saltwater Barramundi hatchery in Queensland • Annual production of several million high quality 20mm fingerlings from eggs • Experience with Innotech programs which is a monitoring and automated system for water pumps, heat pumps, aeration systems etc. • Developing strict protocols and SOP’s Nursery • Supply of internal and external fingerling requirements from 20mm-120mm • Production of several million fingerlings per year • Scheduling maintenance on pumps and general facilities • Developing general protocols and most importantly disease management prevention and treatment methods • Implemented a regular sampling protocol that would allow for traceability of diseases post infection through the analysis of preserved samples in most cases by DAF ACAAR/Challenger TAFE, Fremantle. Australia November 2009-November 2011 Hatchery Technician • Main duties included maintaining rotifer and artemia culture • Larval rearing of Yellowtail Kingfish (S. lalandi) and Barramundi


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