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Jayaraj Durai

Email Address:
Address: 5B Meenashi,Priya nagar,Telungupalayam Pirivu
City: Coimbatore
State/Providence: Tamilnadu
Zip Code: 641 039
Country: India
Phone Number: +919688692696
Date Posted: 12/11/2017


To be a part of your team, as a successful team member in which my skills will contribute and add significant value.


Educational qualification:  M.Sc (industrial biotechnology) with 79% in Karpagam arts and science college (autonomous) Coimbatore-India (2007-2009).  B.Sc (microbiology) with 69% from Karpagam arts and science college (Bharathiar University) Coimbatore-India (2004-2007).


Summary:  Person with strong analytical skills to follow project standards and procedures.  Good track record in research, production and laboratory techniques.  8 years’ experience in biotech, aquaculture industry (algae) and microbiology laboratory.  Hands on experience in real time PCR (Applied bio systems) and conventional PCR.  Accomplished project in cell culturing (Vero cells) for rabies vaccine production.  Expertise in food microbiology, aquaculture microbiology and shrimp histopathology.  Thrive for target, results, quick learner and good interpersonal skills. Key Skills: Hands on Vero cells, N.gaditana. D.salina, qPCR, SDS-PAGE, GLP, ELISA, Vitek, Electrophoresis, Spectrophotometer, Cell counting, histopathology, food & aquaculture microbiology. Work experience:National Aquaculture Group:Supervisor-Lab(Sep2011-July2017)SaudiArabia Duties & Responsibilities: Diagnostic Laboratory-PCR:  Extraction of nucleic acids from shrimp and fish samples by using commercial kits.  Performing different extraction techniques DTAB-CTAB method & RNA extraction.  Examine the concentration of nucleic acid using spectrophotometer (Nano drop).  PCR in screening major OIE listed viral & bacterial pathogen related to shrimp and fish.  Proficient in using IQ 2000 and IQ real time kits.  Expertise in applied bio systems real time PCR, nested PCR, agarose gel electrophoresis, Gel doc instruments and techniques.  Carrying out and complied (100%) with ring test conducted by University of Arizona.  Validation of PCR kits using known positive tissues & standards from a reference lab.  Preparing buffers, lab materials and chemicals for agarose gel electrophoresis.  Reporting, interpreting results and maintaining turnaround time of the samples. Use of LIMS for reporting, preparing invoice and costing in ERP Info LN to the end user.  Maintain library for all important and reference samples for future traceability.  Assists to maintain all records to EU, HACCP, ISO, EMS & other internal audits. Shrimp histopathology:  Use of Davidson’s fixative & buffered formalin for fixing of tissue samples.  Tissue processing with various solvents in tissue processor (Leica).  Embedding of tissues with paraffin wax for microtome sectioning.  Microtome sections of 4 μm sections were made & transferred to slides.  Slides are stained with hematoxylin & eosin stains for observation under microscope.  Slide reading for both shrimp & fish samples. Reporting to managers and end users.  Histopathology screening major OIE listed viral & bacterial pathogen related to shrimp. Food microbiology:  Enumeration of coliforms by colony counting technique.  Enumeration of E-coli by colony counting technique & MPN method.  Isolation and identification of Listeria monocytogenes.  Isolation and detection of Vibrio cholerae & Vibrio parahaemolyticus.  Enumeration of Vibrio parahaemolyticus by MPN technique.  Enumeration of Staphylococcus aureus.  Isolation and detection of Shigella spp.,  Detection and enumeration of Enterobacteriaceae.  Isolation and detection of Salmonella spp.,  Enumeration of Yeast and Molds - rapid petri film method.  Determination of total bacterial count.  Biochemical tests by use of VITEK instrument.  Quantification of erythromycin and total aflatoxins by ELISA method. Aquaculture microbiology:  Enumeration of total bacterial count in aquaculture samples.  Enumeration of Vibrio colonies.  Enumeration of Luminescent Bacterial Colonies (LBC). Other activities:  Sample preparation, training of new staffs, supervise lab activities and assist in preparing laboratory annual budget.  Preparing traceability, weekly, monthly reports and warehouse inventories. National Prawn Company- Senior technician:Phytoplankton (Oct 2009-Sep 2011)-Saudi Arabia Duties & Responsibilities: Strain, Inoculum & Green house:  Daily scale up of Nannochloropsis sp., from 250 ml to 250 liters as per process flow.  Daily transfer of 500 liters inoculum to greenhouse photo bioreactors.  Maintenance of stock algal cultures and plan production activities. Coordinate with team in harvesting & pre-concentration of algal biomass. Phytoplankton laboratory:  Preparation of media, buffers and chemicals.  Examine samples for cell count, optical density, pH, and estimate biomass dry weight.  Prepare lab chemical stock & consumables list every month.  Preparing data & reporting to managers. Euro vinegar Pvt. Ltd. India - Microbiologist: Production (6 months – 2007) Duties & Responsibilities:  Isolated Acetobacter acetii from vinegar samples.  Regular microbial analysis for fermenter samples. Academic project accomplished: Title: Adoption/yield analysis of Vero cells on roller bottle culture system: A comparative study on glass, disposable and ribbed roller bottles – Pasteur institute of India – The Niligris. (3 months). Activities:  Maintaining continuous cell line of vero cells.Prepare media and sterility check was done.  Proliferations of Vero cells & examine adoption and yield in different roller bottles and media containing different commercial serum (NCBS).  Propagation of rabies virus & attenuation by formaldehyde for vaccine production.  Protein estimation by spectroscopic methods and comparison of protein utilization of vero cells with standards. Viable cell counting was done using Neubauer chamber. Title: Alcohol production from sugarcane juice –Amravati co-operative sugar mills-Coimbatore Activities:  Optimization of sugar molasses fermentation in presence of commercial Femed enzyme. Hands on trainings performed:  Hands on histology and real time PCR (Applied biosystems 7300)-NAQUA-KSA.  Quality control and effluent treatment - AAVIN, Cooperative milk-Coimbatore, India.  Mushroom cultivation - Tamilnadu Agricultural university-Coimbatore, India.  Production of ultra refined papain - Senthil papain & food products (p) Ltd-CBE, India. Achievements:  100% results obtained in ring test for PCR conducted by University of Arizona.  Good contributor in CO2 enrichment experiments for algae in National Prawn Company. Supported in producing 6-7 tons of algal biomass with 12% dry weight. Personal details:  Date of birth : 24-06-1985.  Gender : Male.  Languages known : English(R/W/S), Tamil (R/W/S), French (basic), Hindi (Speak).  Computer knowledge: MS office, good internet skills.  Saudi driving license :2279664797  Passport number : H 4810502 Declaration: I here by declare that the above information furnished by me is true to the best of my knowledge. JAYARAJ.D


Article published:  A novel approach in delivering immunobiologicals: A Glimpse-published in journal of advanced biotech. (May 2009). Conference: Paper presented:  National level conference on Food and Agricultural Microbiology-‘Production of acetic acid (vinegar) by continuous fermentation’.  National level symposium Antioxidants and Human Health-‘Bacterial antioxidants scvangase 20’.

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