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Address: 651 Island Circle East
City: St. Helena Island
State/Providence: South Carolina
Zip Code: 29920
Country: United States
Phone Number: 7742561884
Date Posted: 3/6/2018


Obtain a management position for a shellfish operation; preferably aquaculture. Also, to network and make connections in the industry. My long term goal is to own a vertically integrated shellfish farm, from spawn to end retail sale.


University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI Graduated: May 2015 Bachelor of Science: Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Concentration: Green Markets and Sustainability Major GPA: 3.3 Deans List Relevant Courses: Resource Management and Conservation, Sustainable Energy, Cost Benefit Analysis, Economic Environment Resource Management Policy, “Markets, Trade, and Natural Resources”, Micro & Macroeconomics, Economics of Climate Change, Environmental & Resource Economics & Policy, Economic Research Methods, Ethics, Chemistry, Physics.


Lady Island Oysters, Seabrook, SC August 2017-Present - Learning the technique of spawning oysters, how to set up and build a hatchery, and the varying methods of growing oysters in a different environment - Provide a valued opinion about the handling of the oysters, included in decision making process o Density per bag, degree of grading seed, estimate workloads (time) for specific tasks Matunuck Oyster Farm, South Kingstown, RI June 2014-August 2017 - Internship turned into full time employment, recently promoted to on site foreman - Inspecting the product, quality control, developing new systems to grow shellfish - Contributing to efficiency increase with training, communication, and management skills URI, EEC 440 (Cost Benefit Analysis) Fall 2013 - Collected current information pertinent to the before and after analysis o Client wanted to switch from an old solar array to a new array with a larger capacity for storage. Monetized factors with more than one “cost or benefit” such as not having to burn gas at night because of the extra solar energy - Calculated present value and net present value discounted into the future - Developed a recommendation based on the findings and relayed the results to the client URI, Economic Experiment Lab Fall 2014 - Researched the change in smoking per capita and the change of cigarette price due to tax. Found data in the FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data) and also BEA (Bureau of Economic Analysis) - Ran regression models in order to distinguish between correlation or causation o Interpreted results and communicated findings in a 7-8 minute presentation


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