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The Eel (5th Edition)

Strong demand for an English version of the 3rd German Edition of this extremely important book, paved the way for this excellent new translation, which contains much new information not covered by the previous English language edition.

ISBN: 978-0-632-06389-5

The History of Aquaculture

The History of Aquaculture traces the development of fish farming from its ancient roots to the technologically advanced methods of today.

Published in cooperation with the UNITED STATES AQUACULTURE SOCIETY


The Laboratory Zebrafish

Like other books in the Laboratory Animal Pocket Reference Series, this guide covers all aspects pertaining to the use of these organisms including their basic biology, humane care and management, husbandry, life support systems, regulatory compliance, technical procedures, veterinary care, and water quality management.
By: Claudia Harper and Christian Lawrence
Softcover, Spiral Bound 254 pages

The Origins of the Organic Agriculture Debate

This book takes an historical look at two contrasting streams of ideas: the flow of ideas that have created the conditions for modern medicine, modern food production and the biotechnological revolution, and the "vitalist" reaction to the rise of modern science and the resulting rejection of modern agriculture.
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