Aquaculture Canada and WAS North America 2022

August 15 - 18, 2022

St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada



Audrie-Jo McConkey* and Kiley Best

Department of Animal Sciences and Aquaculture

Faculty of Agriculture

Dalhousie University

 Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada

 Ocean literacy is understanding the ocean and our relationship with it.  Canadian Network for Ocean Education (CaNOE) is an organization that provides a forum for learning, discussing, and sharing ocean literacy in Canada. CaNOE connects educators, scientists, citizens and institutions together, with momentum that will increase regional and national understanding of the value of our ocean, and help Canada keep pace with international efforts in ocean literacy. The organization provides bilingual  ‘Ocean Education Wednesday’  weekly sessions throughout the academic year. These sessions include informative content applicable to high school educators.

 Another example of extension includes CaNOE Currents where youth are encouraged to engage in ocean literacy through various platforms such as TikTok and blogposts .  CaNOE connects with members through regular ocean-related webinars and newsletters (SPLASHmail). R ecently  the organization incepted a new Indigenous working group ; as well as ‘Feature Friday’ highlighting various ocean groups.

 It is critical to effectively demonstrate and promote the value of ocean literacy for all aquatic resources.  The practice of Aquaculture is continually advancing to improve environmental sustainability; yet public opinions and perceptions continue to be negatively conceived. These negative public opinions and perceptions of the industry has influenced the aquaculture framework and policy across Canada’s Nation. The lack of ocean literacy presents obstacles for citizens to actively participate with an educated understanding of concepts. Ocean literacy and education has the ability to influence public views and understanding of advancement in environmental sustainability.

Through ocean literacy we can work towards a sustainable future for citizens, a future that includes healthy oceans and an understanding of how that can be achieved.