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Acuicultura en Sistemas de Recirculacion

Acuicultura en Sistemas de Recirculación es la versión en español de Recirculating Aquaculture. Los autores son miembros fundadores de la Aquacultural Engineering Society. Tanto los autores como otros contribuyentes al libro tienen amplias trayectorias en el estudio y uso de sistemas de recirculación para la acuicultura M.B. Timmons, J.M. Ebeling, R. H. Piedrahita

Advances in Aquacultural Engineering

Proceedings of the Aquacultural Engineering Society (AES) technical sessions at the 4th International Symposium on Tilapia in Aquaculture (ISTA IV), held November, 1997 in Orlando, Florida.

Advances in Fisheries Economics

A true landmark publication, Advances in Fisheries Economics brings together many of the world's leading fisheries economists to authoritatively cover the many issues facing the field of fisheries economics and management today.

ISBN: 978-1-4051-4161-1

Algal Culturing Techniques

Algal Culturing Techniques is a comprehensive reference on all aspects of the isolation and cultivation of marine and freshwater algae, including seaweeds. PRINT ON DEMAND TITLE
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