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Atlantic Salmon Ecology

The Atlantic salmon is one of the most prized and exploited species worldwide, being at the centre of a massive sports fishing industry and increasingly as the major farmed species in many countries worldwide.

Edited By: Øystein Aas, Anders Klemetsen, Sigurd Einum, Jostein Skurdal

Hardcover, 496 pages, 2010


Behavior of Marine Fishes: Capture Processes and Conservation Challenges

Understanding fish behavior in relation to capture processes in marine fisheries is of fundamental importance to reducing bycatch and discards, and to enhancing marine fisheries conservation efforts. By: Pingguo He Hardcover, 392 pages 2010 978-0-8138-1536-7


Biofouling (the colonisation of an interface by a diverse array of organisms) is almost always a problem where it occurs, as it negatively affects surfaces, the materials that they are made from and the structures that they form, and can even destroy them.

ISBN: 978-1-4051-6926-4


Biology And Culture Of Channel Catfish

The history of channel catfish farming in the United States serves as a model for the development of pond-based aquaculture industries worldwide. Channel catfish farming is the largest and economically most important aquaculture industry in the United States.
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